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 As always - this update log contains any previous Ninja log's I've done between the last full update and this.





  • Snare, Bind and Entangle spells will now correctly continue with your current Combat action rather than stopping it and queue'ing the spell.
  • I've changed how the hard combat delay works when switching from 1h to 2h (and vice versa) weapon styles, should now be much more fluent.
  • Freeze spells will now *drum roll*.. freeze your target in place. When the target gets un-frozen - they will always have a 5 tick freze immunity.

Elite Dungeons

  • Seiryu, the Azure Serpent can now drop between 1 and 110 Ancient scales at once (instead of 4-8).
  • Moved the Bank Unlock (received from Blackstone Dragon) from the Very rare to Uncommon table.
  • Black Stone Arrows will now decrease target's Defence modifier by 0.75% for each Arrow fired, capped at 15%. The effect removes itself if the target finishes (logs out if player, dies if NPC) or 12 minutes have passed. Timer is refreshed each time an arrow lands on the target.

Trimmed Completionist Cape requirements

  • Unlocking these Slayer rewards - Broad ammo Fletching, Ring of Slaying Crafting, Slayer helmet assembling and killing blows.
  • Killing 4,000 Chompy birds (chompy bird re-spawn rates have been drastically increased to remedy this).
  • Defeat Telos on at least 1000% enrage.


  • Moved the teleport to task option from Slayer Master's to the Enchanted gem dialogue (+Full Slayer helmets).
  • Fixed being unable to drop items that had the 'Disassemble' option on them (was treating it as the Invention disassemble option).
  • Fixed all Full Slayer helmet version inventory options.
  • Designed a brand new Slayer rewards interface matching current RuneScape's one.
  • You can now block up to 8 tasks instead of 6.
  • You can now extend your Slayer task assigned kill-count by 20% any time during an active task. The increased amount will base off of original count.
  • You can now prefer up to 8 Slayer tasks, they will have a slightly higher chance of being given each time you request a new one.
  • You will now need to learn how to Fletch broad ammunition.
  • You will now have to unlock the ability to be assigned these tasks: Aquanite, Muspah, Glacor, Tormented demon.
  • You will now have to unlock the ability to add these items to your tool-belt: bonecrusher, herbicide, seedicide, charming imp, advanced gold accumulator. Players who already have these items tool-belted will not be affected, however, the unlock will NOT be ticked off.
  • Added Ring of Slaying Crafting process, and the ability to unlock it. Also fixed all the item's right-click options and all the options when it's worn.
  • There's also a Co-Op rewards sub-tab, however, the point system has not been added yet as I don't think this is really needed, unless players want it.

Jewellery Crafting

  • Expanded on the existing Gold bar Jewellery crafting interface to unify all Jewellery crafting into a single interface.
  • You can now craft Alchemical Onyx, Hydrix, and Miscellaneous jewellery.
  • Removed the obsolete 'Use gem on furnace' methods.

Nex: Angel of Death

  • Finally we can boss for Codexes rather than prestiging, shake my head.
  • You can access the new Nex via the same Nex lobby room, by pushing onto the 'Hideen door.
  • Up to 40 players can enter a single instance, the recommended team size is 7 (explained why down below).
  • Players can also spectate the fight from the balcony on which you get placed onto initially when joining an instance.
  • Removed Praesul codexes from Prestige rewards shop.
  • Added a signpost for in-game Boss kill hiscores next to the Hidden door that'll display top AOD killers.


  • Added ALL original NPC skillcape vendors around Gielinor. You may talk to them to buy the regular skillcape (+hood) or the Master version if you have the virtual level for it. Untrimmed skillcapes will now be given if the player only has one 99 skill, otherwise, trimmed versions will be given by default.
  • Removed all Skillcape (+master versions) shops from the Wise Old Man.

Pyramid Plunder

  • All openable objects (urns, sarcophagus, etc.) will now visually update to an 'open-state' when searched for.
  • Urns will no longer be able to be double opened.
  • If a snake bites you while opening an urn, it will no longer make it 'already opened', and you'll be able to search it again.
  • On-death will now properly remove the mini-game overlay.
  • Added sky-box messages for objects on resize-able mode.


  • A new Distraction and Diversion has been added, it will spawn once every 5 hours. This one has no daily cap as it's located in the Wilderness and is a risk-reward situation.
  • Wyrm has increased drop rates for Wyrm spikes/hearts/scalps, on top of other useful resources.
  • Everyone who damages the Wyrm at least once will be able to roll drops when it dies.
  • Added Discord and World notifications for when it spawns, alongside with a ;;wwt command to directly teleport there.
  • The Wyrm has 50'0000 hitpoints, and if not killed within 15 minutes - it'll de-spawn.


  • You can now enter the Runecrafting guild after level 50 Runecrafting, though nothing of interest is inside there, yet...
  • The Information Panel game tab will now automatically refresh by itself when the tab is focused (opened).
  • Added a chat-box message for whenever your jewellery crumbles to dust (used its last charge).
  • Added the Buried in Sand and Shade Thrower rest animations.
  • Chompy Birds will now re-spawn MUCH faster.
  • Added animations to all 3 bounty weapons. Fixed an issue with the obliteration special attack not decreasing.
  • You will no longer be able to interact with the Squeal of Fortune tab components in these areas/activities: Soul Wars, Castle Wars, Stealing Creation, Jail.
  • Updated cache version to RuneScape's latest (The Glacor Front update 31/08/2021).
  • Added 6 new Cosmetic Override outfits (and ~20 new weapon/shield ones).
  • Added a Stone Spirit Mystery box as another possible reward from the Stardust shop.
  • Slightly increased Araxxor's hilt drop chance to compensate for the large quantities of leg drops you guys have been getting.
  • Finishing any Collection log will now send a server-wide announcement.
  • Added another roll for acquiring new Reaper Tasks to check against if the new task you're about to be assigned is the same as your current one (it is still possible to get the same one, just less likely).
  • Players will no longer be able to buy more Bank Boosters IF they already have the maximum amount unlocked, this also checks for how many bank boosters (item variant) the player already has bought. The buy process has been force-capped to 1 per transaction.


  • Fixed the incorrect Gregorovic NPC ID and everything associated with it (the null version).
  • Fixed a small oversight with getting the Triple EXP buff more than once, and corrected EXP gain when the buff was paused.
  • You can now buy multiple lamps & stars from the stardust shop.
  • The Gem Crown token can now be used to unlock the Gem Crown properly.
  • These items are no longer trade-able: Broad arrow, all broken Superior Port equipment.
  • Fixed Prestige Master's initial Prestige dialogue to display the correct amount of levels and points you'll be receiving.




  • Ironmen can now join other player AOD instances.
  • Fixed an issue with Stardust and Prestige point shops.
  • Depositing fish at the Deep Sea fishing area will now properly refresh player's bank.
  • When adding a higher tier Hatchet to your tool-belt - your old hatchet will now be given back to you.
  • You can now consume these alcoholic beverages: Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy.
  • Increased the damage you deal to Bulwark Beast's armour with your pickaxe. You can now also take a Novite pickaxe from the rock that's in his boss room if you don't have one on you.
  • Increased the Ranged Strength bonus for ALL ranged weapons that don't use external ammunition to better match ones that do (Chakrams, Shadow glaives, Zaryte bow, Crystal bow, darts/knives/javelins, etc.).
  • Hot-fixed an issue with some ranged weapons not actually firing.
  • The Dragon Ceremonial cape can now be removed from your Equipment tab.
  • Pestiferous components will now be properly displayed in the Invention material interface.
  • Increases Vorago's attacks from 7 to 4 ticks between per attack.
  • NPC's will no longer randomly switch targets before each attack in multi-areas. They'll keep focusing one target until provoked or the target's out of reach.

 Ninja Log 09/03/2021 - Nex: AoD changes









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