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[876] Shop Prices



I'm new to this community and just downloaded a few days ago the Nocturne (876) Source:

When I open a shop the prices shown on the shop are not correct.

I want to buy an Adamant armour set (lg). Which is 2.5K or something but the shops says its 20gp.

How can I fix the correct price in the shop to show or how to hide the price value in the shop?

Some people are saying you need to change the item definitions in the cache, but where can I find a 876 item definition editor?

What I tried
- In ItemDefinitions.java change the methods getPrice, getGrandExchangePrice, getShopPrice, but nothing works.
- In Shops.java change the methods getBuyPrice, getSellPrice, but nothing works.

So any suggestions?

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I have no clue. It could be your cache. The 9ne included with nocturne is actually spot on. But if you really need ypu can add the method from 718s for custom item prices if you really want to go that far. Any case ive tried nocturne and i see no issues with prices in thier cache.

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