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Brutality - Pk/Economy

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Welcome to Brutality's official project thread, This has been a long time coming and we are proud to say we are back!

Brutality is a new advanced runescape private server based on 317, loading OSRS + Some Pre_Eoc content,
We have a goal, Much like others, But more importantly our developers have a focus which is to create a stable, high quality server with a well maintained economy.
We are more about QUALITY rather than quantity.. 
Our players will have the option to play multiple different game modes and we're also looking to extend this, We currently support these game modes.
Regular, (Pk Gamemode)
Classic, (Training Gamemode)
Ironman, (Self sustained account)
Hardcore Ironman, (Lose your HC status on death)
Ultimate Ironman, (Cannot use banks!)

If you have a suggestion, Note that your suggestion will be taken into consideration and polled throughout the community of Brutality.





Brutality's team
CrazeNation - Owner/Developer
- Game Developer
- Web Developer









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