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Help Setting up Matrix 3 876


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Hello people, I have no idea idea of what I'm doing. There doesn't seem to be a single tutorial on how to set up the server and client and every single tutorial on setting up a rsps has "loader.java" and "launcher" which don't show up when I open a project either using the Deob folder OR the Server folder... Yes, my programming/scripting/writing whatever you want to call it level is that of a baby. any help is appreciated ._.

My main questions right now are:
1. Where do i put the "cache" folder that I've downloaded?
2. Where do I put the "Index 12" folder?
3. What do I do once I've put those 2 folder in their right locations?
4. Why does this seem so hard?

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Are you in the Discord? If so, DM me and I'll get you set up.

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