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Simplicity rsps


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hi there

ive been playing simplicity rsps for about 4 months, in that time i have seen, staff members create bots on different ips to vote across your server.

just an fyi admins need to take down simplicity rsps from the choices, the staff members on that ps are stealing data and reselling it , if you clean a staff member you get banned, its an awfulll server please take it off the list its predominantly bots also.

admins constantly jail people for no reasons, 

people donate and admins and server support claim they didnt see it so members are losing alot of money the last month. 

this last month so many members have quit due to the fraudulent work of the server managers etc. they thrive off this vote page if you took them off , just yesterday i said i couldnt be server support logged in today and kevin the owner jailed me for no reason then he was lying over yell that he didnt jail me etc. you cant have staff members doing that to members. so yeah this website is 10000% fraudulent do not download it or it will put a bug on ur pc and steal all ur data. please delete this horrid thing from the internet there are so many other better legit and real rsps out there stay well away from this one!!!

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