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Football/Soccer Minigame

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Here at PlayWorld we love to introduce unique content to always keep the game refreshing and enjoyable for our players. Today we'd like to showcase our fully functional Football minigame!

Here are some key highlights to the Football system.

PlayWorld RSPS Football/Soccer Minigame - Goalkeeper Dive & Beta gameplay
PlayWorld RSPS Football/Soccer Minigame
PlayWorld RSPS Football Minigame Update
PlayWorld RSPS - Football Minigame - Beta Gameplay



  • The ball has its own physics system to give it a more realistic feel. i.e; the ball can bounce off objects/players, with expected projections.
  • Foul system (Free kick when a player pushes the opposing team player)
  • Penalty kicks. (Caused when a foul was performed near the goal keeping area)
  • Each match can have up to 14 players (7 vs 7)
  • Multiple matches can be played at the same time.
  • Player Features:
  • Ability to dribble the ball.
  • Ability to take the ball from the dribbling player.
  • Capable of kicking the ball any desired direction.
  • Option to 'pass' the ball to team mate. (This of course can be intercepted mid way by any player at any given time.)
  • Option to 'left/right' kick and the special 'hard kick' on the ball, just for more flexibility and dynamics of performing goals/outplaying the opposing team.
  • Ability to 'push' another player, causing a foul and thus a free kick for the receiving player. (This can only be used once per match, per player. Doing so will result in a penalty of the rewards. Performing another foul would result in an instant kick from that match.)
  • Records wins, losses, goals and saves. (Used to determine the player skill rating in football)
  • Highscores system for the top football players.
  • Goal keeper is the only one that can grab the ball.
  • Goal keeper is capable of performing the Dive action.
  • Players overhead names are now shown with their own team's colour to easily distinguish between each other. 
  • Team mates also show up coloured on the mini map for better coordination.
  • Challenge interface will show both teams total skill rating.
  • Full team management system:
  • Allows the captain to add/remove players.
  • Team Captain can assign roles for each player on the team.
  • Only team captains can challenge other teams.
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