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Neitzen | New Server | Raids 1&2 | Group Ironman & Much More

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Comp_1_1.gif Thread.png Comp_1_1.gif Gamemodes: Ironman - Can't trade with other players but has a specific shop. Ultimate Ironman - Can't use bank must store all items in the inventory. Hardcore Ironman - Die you lose your status, hcim only has one life. Group ironman - Ironman, with up to 4 other players.

Latest OSRS Items

unknown.png unknown.png

Custom Maps

unknown.png unknown.png


7f7b05b3dd274accca6774ea9c9af146.gif 7873221b09ecbca067926490ae19d16e.gif ceaac412e517c86d931d5156df09805d.gif a540679ffa7f09f5ae237b33af39480d.gif

Raids 1 - Chambers Of Xeric

3d3a0b64740609d74246a532dd4ca376.gif ea2e6394fbee9c7002c50ca4eaf734f5.gif 391e6d884652a4a80e4886f83a86a58a.gif db2366a2b40c20939f06f8aa7ea20b5d.gif 84dee6541e154cb01b06162c22e64004.gif 36e686123a0464dea6652d37d50c58ac.gif

Raids 2 - Theatre Of Blood

08ea36062d805c573fd729173b3a76b9.gif unknown.png unknown.png c2f0a9b43a52cc82736dcaf892eaf79a.gif 1e9b4d407404191952e7e4f8745d70ee.gif b88a674e01f80b557f210d0513300273.gif cd51c219083a97e8113bfe6f161eb443.gif

unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png


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