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so i have an account ive been using since 2010 and i can still find it on here if i search hard enough: heres the profile  https://forum.runelocus.com/profile/27702-imstrength/

i have access to the original email and everything, yet it tells me that theres no account linked to my email. upon searching my old emails it appears that on 10/28/15 emails went out saying account had been compromised and passwords had been force changed, i tried using that password as well with no luck. please help me, i dont want to lose my 10 year old account no matter how few posts it has ect -.- 

it appears to have had a lot of details on it reset after maybe a forums change, i used to have lots of posts and rep but it now appears to be a 10 year old account with barely any use.




kind of funny the account doesnt show if you search for it:


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DM me the email you think the account should be attached to.

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