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Project RuneWar: Searching for serious Devs & Staff

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Project RuneWar


- 20+ Boss & Dr are added,
- Active Staking, Gambling and Lottery added,
- Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution,
- Endless Graphic options.
- Spawn Tabs & Combat skill changing posibilities.



RuneWar will be an eco based rsps With  few features such as custom interfaces, shops, donor area & minigames
So if you want to join the staff team please connect me on discord: Injesterr#1621

Searching for serious developers, im done with most of the developing part
 but i still need an active developer to add some suggestions & fix small buggs while i'm busy with developing the site.
i already claimed a domain: runewar.net
already bought a host & vps.


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