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Exora.io - Redefining a Custom RSPS Experience

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Exora 667 is a custom eco server aimed to bring a new rsps experience through new content such as NPCs, mini games, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing RS content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before. Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!



Our goal is to provide players with fresh content which they can count on every update. You can expect to see new weapons, skilling tools, skilling items (fish, herbs, rocks, etc), npcs and even new maps to hold these amazing creations. Exora truly redefines what it means to be a PROPER custom server. Below you will find just a few of the many things we have to offer, and much more to come in the future.

Custom Cave Map with Custom Monsters


Dark Matter Weaponry


Custom Armour Sets (There are more!)


Custom Equipments







You can start training Sailing by speaking to the shipyard worker and purchasing a sloop blueprint. As you level your Sailing skill you can purchase upgrades, new ships and spend your doubloons on special rewards. You earn doubloons by looting wrecked ships, that either are already in the area or by other player owned ships, npcs.
Sailing Starter:

In Sailing:























Don't wait any longer! Join us now: Exora.io

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Hello Exorians,

It's time to show off our custom raids system.

Talk to Ozan at home, to learn about more about Raids.

+ Raids System

- Raids Manager
You can create a party, SOLO, DUO or SQUAD. You also are able to list yourself to the Queue List.


- Party Manager
You are able to invite players, start the raid, ready up and leave the party.

Note: Only party leaders are able to invite players, and end the party.


- Queue List
When a player queue's up, they allow theirselfs to be invited by party leaders.

Note: Only party leaders are able to invite players to their party. Nor can players without a party view the Queue List.


+ In Raids

Once your team is teleported in the Raids, your team will have to fight 3 bosses in order to kill the Lietrye (Last boss).

- Skeletal Strykewyrm
Skeletal Strykewyrm will have a special attack at a 25% chance. The floor shakes and will spawn spikes under the players.
At 50% HP the Skeletal Strykewyrm will spawn skeletons. While the skeletons are active, you are not able to hit the Skeletal* * Strykewyrm. Doing so will heal the Strykewyrm of whatever your damage is.


- General Rotgut
General Rotgut hits everyone in his area, every 25% of his hitpoints. He also will leech souls, and drain
your prayer points. General Rotgut has a 10% chance of leaving, spreading poison around the area. When returned he will* * * spread even more poison around him, that deals more damage.


- Shadow Drake
The Shadow Drake has a 20% chance every attack, to do a heavy breath attack. It will fly from above and come back
down, attacking everyone in its area. When you get hit with the breath damage, a goop will be spawned under you, if you
stay on it you will be hit every second, until you leave.
The mass breath stage has a 5% chance every attack. The mass breath will spawn projectiles on the floor, depending
on which projectile you are under on, you get hit with either, range, mage, poison or critical damage.


- Lietrye
Lietrye has 3 regular attacks, curse damage, 2 mage attacks. When doing a mage attack, Lietrye has a 20% chance of
doing a special attack, freezing everyone in the area.
At half HP Lietrye will spawn her sister. Her sister has the same attacks, but deal more damage. In order to continue killing
the original Lietrye, you have to kill the Sister.
The sister will spawn a mini version of herself at 20% HP. The mini version is not as strong as the others. You will have to
kill the mini version in order to continue killing the Sister.


- End Raids

After completing the raid, a chest and a portal will spawn. To grab your rewards, you will have to loot it from the chest.


Note: The rewards you are seeing are placeholder rewards.

Rewards: Best in-slot equipment, general goodies.

We hope you guys like the raids we've been working on. We've got the system in place, and will create a more complex raids in the future.

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Hello Exorians, we're getting ready for the release!


+ Additions

 - Sea-dweller cape, the best in-slot magic cape. Obtained from raids.

 - Earth-dweller cape, the best in-slot range cape. Obtained from raids.

 - You are now able to create heroic horn boots by combining all three horn boots.

 - You are now able to create heroic strider wings by combining all three strider wings.

 - Finished donator zone, now has monsters in it as well!

 - Added more boss instances.


Here's how they look:


Earth:                            Sea:



+ Changes

 - Updated the skilling guide with more customs.

 - Seperated the lionfish fishing spot from the shark fishing spot.

 - Fletching a log now gives x15 arrowshafts.

 - Fixed an issue with battlestaves not using their runes.

 - Removed all seeds from the farming shop, except guam seeds.

 - Fixed an issue with featherfall bow. It now requires arrows up to rune.

 - Nerfed the dark bow.

 - Monster hunter's handaxe item rotations have been adjusted.

 - Infernal max cape, now has the stats of Infernal cape.

 - Changed the size of the pet king black scorpion.

 - Buffed exorian equipment/weaponry stats.

 - Added more monsters to the monster kill counts.

 - Changed the enchanted chest rewards.

 - Removed rocktails from the foods & potion shop.

 - Dropping an item now doesn't show for anyone for a minute, then will be visible for everyone for 2 more minutes.

 - Ganodermic Behemoth is now weak to magic.

 - Cerberus combat has been nerfed.

 - Abyssal horror now deals proper combat damage, and is weak to mage-range.

 - Reduced Abyssal horror respawn time and made its zone multi.

 - Sunfreet is now a multi combat boss.

 - Fixed a combat issue with Glacors.

 - Dragon gem stone tree has slightly been moved at the dark matter cave.



+ Bugfixes

 - Fixed an issue where mini lietrye spawns more than once.

 - The command ::estar will now properly teleport you to the elemental star.

 - Fixed an issue where ice barrage and ice burst had a too long delay to hit a npc target.



Thank you everyone for taking the time to beta test Exora! Beta testers will be rewarded with a special custom item, made by no one other than @lumplum

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Greetings Exorians,

We have been holding a closed beta test for a few weeks. We have since then fixed, and added a lot more content. Many players are asking for a release date, while we do want to release as soon as possible, we want to be 100% ready before we release. Though we're getting very close. Stay tuned on discord and we'll have a release date soon. When announced it wont be more than a month before release.

We've worked hard on the following updated, hope you guys enjoy!

With this update, we will also open up applications again. If you want to beta test send me (Bennie#8189) or Adam a DM on discord.

+ Construction

We've finally added construction! We used to have sailing as a replacement for the construction skill. As that change was years ago, we never really gave it a thought. Upon lots of players request we decided to bring construction to the game.

How do you train construction?

You will automatically have a house, you do not need to purchase it.
You can teleport to the estate agent and house portal by using the global teleports > skilling > construction.
The estate agent has a shop which you can purchase supplies from.

How do you get servants?

Servants are around the skilling zone, all you have to do is talk to the servant and if you have the required level and coins you will be able to hire the servant. It works similar to Runescape, they each have their own tasks they can do. As well as taking from bank.

Note: You need 2 beds in your house in order to hire a servant.

Underground dungeons?

Yes, with a trapdoor in your throne room you can access your dungeon and build there as well.

We're planning on adding custom content to it.

Here's some media (Portals will have different teleports on release):


+ Elderwood Hecarim

We've decided to make Elderwood Hecarim an event boss. He looks way too good to be a regular boss!

Elderwood Hecarim spawns every 3 hours, and is accessible via the command ;;hecarim.
He drops general goodies and equipment as well as Hecarim's Greataxe, Hecarim's great bow and eldywood pet.

To see its spawn time check your events tab.

Hecarim's combat is multi and will hit everyone in the vicinity. He has a special attack that decreases your defence and range level.
His main combat attacks are range and melee (close range).

Here's how he looks:


+ Boss Task Changes

The old boss tasks regarding the bosses you can kill was very lackluster. We've added a lot more bosses to the list.
We also added a clean interface to display the boss's information, remaining kills left, rewards and a teleport function to instantly teleport to your task.

Here's how it looks (Note: The rewards are placeholder):


+ Farming

You can now farm all types of seeds. Tree, Herb, Flowers and Allotments.

The farming NPC now has a teleport interface where you can favorite and teleport to any farming patch.
You can also use your items on the Martin the gardener to note your items.

There are now farming achievements to complete, each tier will reward you with a piece of the farmer's outfit.

Here's how it looks:


+ Achievement Changes

You can now obtain skilling experience outfits from completing achievement tasks. Depending on the tier you will receive a piece of the outfit.*
As well as other rewards from different achievements, such as gauntlets, and depending on the task different rewards.
Not all tasks have these extra rewards, we will add more to it as we go.

The rewards obtainable right now are:

  - Prospector outfit, increases your mining experience.
  - Pyromancer outfit, increases your firemaking experience.
  - Squid's outfit, increases your fishing experience.
  - Lumberjack outfit, increases your woodcutting experience.
  - Farmer's outfit, increases your farming experience.
  - Cooking gauntlet, decreases burn amount when cooking.
  - Goldsmiths gloves, increased experience gained smelting ores to bars by 10%.
  - Slayer boxes, a mystery box containing slayer rewards. (From slayer achievements)

Achievement tasks additions/removals:

- Added new achievement (Gold Smelter) medium task.
- Added slayer boxes to slayer achievement tasks.
- Added lava ore achievement task.
- Added mithril ore achievement task.
- Removed rocktail catcher 2 task.
- Removed rocktail cooker 2 task.

+ Fixes & Changes

  - Fixed total level task from skilly's book adventurer's log.
  - Fixed an issue with the LMS interface still being on screen, when leaving the queue.
  - Fixed an issue with zulrah double teleporting when entering.
  - Fixed an issue where you couldn't do any actions after the gamble was over.
  - Fixed an issue with ebonchill spear crashing your client
  - Fixed an issue with light ballista hitting as melee. It now also requires ballista ammo to fire.
  - Fixed titanite, scoria weaponry, horn boots, monster shield, tormented shield equip & others requirements.

  - Made it more clear where your purchased item goes when you don't have enough space in inventory. (It will automatically detect overflow and send to inventory, if full bank, if both full drop).
  - All slayer helmets can now right click > teleport to slayer camp. Boss slayer helmets included.
  - Removed balrog protection prayers (as Firelands is already very hard to do)/However balrogs hitpoints have been increased significantly.
  - Lowered task scroll elite kill tasks significantly.
  - Washed-up caskets now stackable.
  - Made keys & billz bag stackable.
  - Zulrah now drops monster materials/taskscrolls under the player instead of the npc.
  - Slight buff to infernal pickaxe/axe resource proc.
  - Buffed fire dragons drops quantity.
  - Sky, Earth and Sea dweller now have proper drop rate bonus.
  - Removed dark matter/scoria arrows from credits shop.
  - Added a lot more items to the drop catcher list.
  - Adding an item to drop catcher will now automatically add the noted version of the item to your list, so you can catch both.
  - When you die in an instance it will wait before destroying the map, until you're back at home.
  - Decreased dragon claws value to 10m, ags to 12, sgs to 8m.
  - Increased value of nex pieces to 20m.

Sneak peak next update:


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Lots of additions and bugs fixed. Update log out soon.

Meanwhile a sneak peak for you guys :)
We've been working on its combat script. This will be a new group boss.


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Great! That requires a lot of work, huh. Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted. 

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On 10/14/2020 at 10:28 AM, leverslate said:

Great! That requires a lot of work, huh. Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted. 

Sure is a lot of work, but we're going in strong!

We've been testing Exora for a few weeks and are making significant progress. An update log will soon be out with very big changes, as well as more high quality content.

We are looking for more serious beta testers. Testers will receive a very cool item made by @lumplum
If you'd like to apply send us a DM on discord here or post an application on: https://exora.io/community/index.php?/forum/66-beta-applications/

If you're wondering how it looks, here is a some media:


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Hello Exorians,

It's time for another update log! We've added a new group boss, brought in gameplay changes and general additions/bug fixes.
We're still looking for a few more serious beta testers. And we're getting quite closer to release. Stay tuned on our official discord.

+ Argus

Argus is the new group boss introduced in Exora. He can only be damaged with Melee and Magic. He has 4 phases where you will have to damage his shield with magic. Argus's melee attacks can only hit players in front of him, so a tank would be needed to keep aggro.
Argus can randomly hit a massive aoe attack dealing a bleeding effect to players, if they are under a bleeding storm.

Note: The following media shown is still in the works, and will likely have some changes such as rewards.

Here's how it looks:


+ Events

We've added a new area for hosting our events. You can teleport here via the global teleports. Cities > Events.


+ Skill Zone Changes

Added a new path to the house teleport. Removed the farming patches. You will now have to talk to the farming master to teleport to farming patches around Exora.
Servants are now behind the house teleport.


+ Vote Book Changes

We feel as though the vote book gave way too many overpowered buffs. Vote book will now give you 1 vote point upon claiming it.
The extra benefits are now spread out through other books, obtained via voting, events or loot boxes.

- Book of exora (increased hit rate by 10%, drop rate and double xp for 10 mins)
- Book of wisdom, doubles experience gained for 10 minutes.
- Book of wealth, increases drop rate for 10 minutes.
- Book of strength, increased hit rate by 10% for 10 minutes.


+ Coal Bag

You can now store your coal in the coal bag. The limit is 100 coal. Obtained via an achievement reward. (Easy Task)
The coal bag can not be lost in the wilderness, nor can you drop it.
Coal bag allows you to also smelt ores without taking the coal to your inventory.

+ Achievements

- A new construction achievement: Build a kitchen room in your house.
- A new construction achievement: Build a throne room in your house.
- A new achievement "Smelt 50 iron bars". Reward: coal bag.

+ Abyssal Armour

Abyssal armour will now reflect 10% of incoming damage, if the full set is equipped. It is obtained from abyssal horrors.

+ Dark Matter Demons

- Dark matter demons now have 15k hitpoints as they are high end monsters.
- Lowered dark matter demons attack speed.

+ Hecarim

-*Added hecarim's greataxe, slightly faster than a regular greataxe, hits twice and has a 5% chance of hitting an extra hit. Rare drop from hecarim.
-*Added hecarim's bow, same speed as rest of high tier bows. Uses arrows up to dragon. Hits twice however the 2nd hit is slightly less damage. Rare drop from hecarim.

+ Gothmog (Firelands)

Gothmog will now update the kill count for all participants up to 5 players.
Gothmog now has increased hitpoints, a total of 50k.*
Gothmog attack delay, defensive bonuses have been nerfed.
Gothmog prayer flicks have been removed.

+ Changes

- Soulsplit will now heal slightly less than normal.
- Removed the ability to skill for exo points.
- Removed the ability to obtain angelic/demonic aura wings from the game. The new starter wings are obtained from the Vote shop or other drops, very easy to obtain.
- Removed the ability to obtain twisted bow from the game. (There are plenty alternatives)
- Removed armadyl runes from the magic shop. Now only obtainable via Glacors.
- Removed the special attack bar from certain weapons that don't have a special attack.
- Removed the talk option from pets.
- Renamed a lot of pets' names to better fit the pet.
- Changed the item requirement for certain weapons and equipment.
- Changed the item inventory look from lots of items to look more natural.
- Dravonic demon attack bonuses buffed and will also deal magic damage.
- Added an option for the Altar to switch back to moderns (Wasn't clear enough that you could switch back).
- Undead dragon completionist cape requirement changed to 250, previously 500.
- Gothmog completionist cape requirement changed to 1, previously 10.
- Leaving the house portal now sends you outside of the house portal in the skill zone.
- Tree seeds are now obtainable via monster drops.
- Lowered all farming patch time per stage. (Thus making it faster for the seeds to grow).

+ Additions

- You can now use the lunar spell cure plant, to cure a diseased patch.
- You can now quick open mystery boxes.
- You can now view the raids loot by examining the raids chest.
- Added next/previous pages for the chest viewer to view all the loot.
- You can now note your items at all farming npcs.
- You can now get 1m coins for 1 task point, via the slayer task shop.
- Seismic wand has been added to the item guide.
- Tectonic equipment has been added to the item guide.
- Lionfish has been added to the item guide.
- Added house teleport tab.
- Added cerberus to the instance list.
- Added more dragon spawns (iron, steel and black).
- Added an area for steel dragons (north-west past the green dragons)
- Added more items to be available in the drop catcher.
- Added plant cure to farming shop.

+ Fixes

- Fixed an issue with chat color settings not saving.
- Fixed an issue with servant dialogues.
- Fixed an issue with the new player referral dialogue not closing after input.
- Fixed an issue with trapdoor not being able to enter dungeon, if the main dungeon was removed.
- Fixed an issue where spikey chain wasn't working in the slayer tower.
- Fixed an issue with gilded pickaxes not being able to mine.
- Fixed an issue with ;;bank allowing you to skill infinitely.
- Fixed an issue with the wilderness volcano exit.

Hope you guys liked this update, there's a lot more to come!

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