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Well hello there!

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I'm a 23 years old Belgian that likes to play RSPS.
I also like managing. This applies IRL as well, i'm in the board of 4 organisations where i live.
I have been building discord servers from scratch since 2016 and have had the following staff ranks on different servers:
Server support: 2 times
Moderator: 4 times
Forum moderator: 1 time
Global moderator: 2 times
Administrator: 2 times
Community manager: 1 time

I came here because i wanted to find a decent RSPS that i can play in my free time, either a new one or one that has been around for a while. 
For new RSPS that are looking for staff i can offer a variety of skills and experience i have from my real life and my online life.
If you are looking for beta testers: i can be online at least 1 to 3 hours each day and i can assure you i am thorough!

Any questions about me are welcome, nothing is off limits! ;)

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I'm from Belgium too!

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Welcome welcome! I'm just returning to the rsps scene myself, anyway I sent you a message about a project I'm working on friend ^^

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