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NClicker Release (Auto Clicker With Randomization feature )

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NClicker Downloadhttps://mega.nz/#!DgpmxQzA!w_6c9Mho8FM4jbbz6SdiKg31sN5q2Zan_pVofQ6NGlU

Source Code (Visual Studio 2019 or 2017 required as this is written in C#) https://mega.nz/#!q8xE1QbD!tDtGqDhxhCRRxPZXLizk-uCuUuj7oRtlwW8gXL0O3pI


I made a new account to OSRS and I am way too lazy to legit get 99 mage and range so I made an auto clicker with the functionality for click randomization so the delay is not always the same, since Gary's hood auto clicker didn't have it. This is a handy tool for alching or auto clicking cannon etc. The package comes with an executable file which is the app itself, this is a C# WPF application which uses win32 API so it does not run with Linux or Mac.




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