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[742] Fallen-Citadel |-| The Lost World Returns

King Dean

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    Fallen-Citadel is not a 718 loading 742, It is a custom framework that emulates the 742 revision of Runescape. We are also looking for some more Graphics Designer/developers/Website Developers. 
At the current time in our development stage we are still thinking about where we want to take this in the future, Our goal at the moment is to develop two worlds that support cross communication. World 1 will be a eco based server with player influenced grand exchange and world two will be a spawn pvp server, Nothing will be off limits. You can prove yourself and become the PVP champion.
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Update Log 1.00

Project: Fallen-Citadel |-| Founded: August 2019 |-| Start: 01/08/2019 |-| Build: 742 
Source: Framework Custom wrote by: @Brimhaven 

Update Log 1.00

/-/ King Dean |-| Updates /-/

- Started work on the landing page made by King Fox,

- Installed IPB forums - Created all Ranks,

- Setup Discord Server,

- Started work on highscores,

- Developer @Brimhaven, Has started to rewrite the entire server code to ensure we do not have any memory leaks or using useless code.




Update Log 1.01

/-/ Brimhaven |-| Updates as of 9/8/2019 /-/

Server Management

[Server Management] - Necessary steps have been performed to maintain a secure and stable server environment

[Server Management] - Started work on server configurations to allow us to setup different game types (PVP, PVE)

[Server Management] - Setup a system that allows us to manage a DEVELOPMENT, TEST and LIVE server efficiently.



[Cache] - Started working on a custom RS cache library, this will be used to link the cache to the server and allow us to modify the cache as much as we desire (Add custom objects, maps, ect..)

[Cache] - Current cache library features:

The cache library has the ability to read files from the cache, remove files from the cache, and pack files into the cache (Add files to the archive, add an archive to a specific cache index and remove an archive or a file)

XTEA encryption and decryption (in simple terms this means that I am able to load MapData from the cache)

Custom hashing algorithms (This allows me to collect data of a random size and map it onto data of a fixed size)

GZIP, BZIP2 and LZMA compression and decompression (This allows me to decompress/compress cache archives)



[Network] - Setup a basic networking framework using the netty.io - Netty-3.9.0.Final library

[Network] - Built a networking system that allocates a specific host and port to a different 'Network' which allows for multiple servers to be hosted at the same time, this way we will be able to run different game types more efficiently.

[Network] - Started work on a NetworkManager that handles all tasks involving our new networking framework, and performs the necessary actions to link to our server and client.

[Network] - Started working on handling the way the network decodes and encodes information from the client (This means that it will be easier for me to setup packet handling, world login, lobby login, ect..)



/-/ TODO LIST /-/


[Cache] - Actually link the cache to the server (Should only be a one minute task)

[Cache] - Add another feature that allows for copying specific files from one cache to another (This will allow me to add any form of content from newer RS3 content, ect..)



[Network] - Add more functionality to the basic networking framework

Handle packet encoding and decoding

Handle handshake session (client + server)

Handle update server (I will go into more specifics when it has been released)

Handle login packets

Handle Lobby Login packets

Handle World Login packets

Implement a channel-handler for all incoming connections

Secure the connection so that the server can only be connected by people using our own client

Secure the connection so that the server cannot get flooded or DDOSed

Handle more specific network logic (I will go into more specifics when it has been released)


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