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Warnen's introduction

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I am Warnen and I go by a code computerized only through the normal ones.




If for the Excluded; You will not be discriminated if you only noted through valuable composition/detail and you have not signified in signs for deltaverse contraband.

If with Possibilities; I can only unify with levels/calibers for non-American and non-written related discriminance which are all undefined pairs/sidings for corrections/proof if insufficient/lacking without proof/correction then you'll be discriminated for signs/beaconings for your pattern/breed or if about/for eligibilities/applications. You can't have any possibilities with anyone who's anyone that can't unify to your unqualified/descriptive referring/impersonant common/figurative involving/dependent copies/imitations for your incomprimizable/contaminant prolonged/undefining pattern/breed and I highly don't attentify with worthy attention which is compatible/unified only to the compromised/purifies for mathimatics/existences (Not logic/directories signified through stupid intellect/recievers handicapped/tittered for idiots to recept/see the accuracy/indesputableness for this instruction/mentioning which isn't obsolete/dishonerable and are not//how is mathimatics/existence and knowledgable/intelligent descriminance which are limited/impossible to stupid minds that has signified in signs/beaconings acquired to signify directories/logic, postponing/working and anywhere near boasts/smart about/for the stupid minds to be prolonged/undefining decorators/designers for Unintelligence.) and that's all there is to it; I discriminate every signification and originality beyond intelligence and if it's too complex/incomprehensive for stupidity then that's all there is to it.

If for Roleplay; The angles/physics must be sharped edge and the starting characters must be for challenging sakes and if I found any figurative involvements for the inexperienced that signified god modding then they'll be discriminated and this will not be taken for any proper/specific elements/terms. I prefer roleplay games that look like the James Bond Franchise like my friends does and he's also very cool and he's an superb instructor/mentor; I can call him the best type in people if for non-absolute Earth.

If for Movies; You can be late or early and there's nothing wrong with it, I just won't watch it with idiots on live.

If for game achievements; You do not need to have any special equipment, I just want to find/repurposed your ownership there if you're cool enough. I can also lose because these parts can't be used as manuscripts/mentorings and are not compatible/unified to my version/sight.

If for greetings; I like it when you note "Hello there" with or without a end point because it can look like a title for a business with the flashing Hollywood LED hello signs which isn't necessary commonly signified by idiots as an intentional title not mistaken for normal notes.

If for realisticness; I like everything better without stupid contem/look and memorials/offerings idiots put their minds into with excuses/mindsets and preparations/calls for craziness/anticipations

If for figurativeness; I'll automatically take you for a malformity/duration for your pattern/breed if you signified without a end point or if for any ideas/addictions which also directive/logical signs/beaconings as justs/surpasses to knowledgable/intelligent discriminance/prejudices which are only limited/impossible to stupid malformite/ill-bred inexperienced mentally-ill/slow patterns/breeds.

If for particular things; I like bionicle, yu-gi-oh, pokemon, the James Bond Franchise, anime (Not the idiots outside anime.), Legos, Runescape, Customization, Roleplay, Strategy games, MMORPG games, Trading games, home made games(I'll play without hesitation.), Japanese culture, Knight culture, normal/kinds and machines/mountains.



If for Alpha blacklist; I do not have comparabilities for any unqualified/discriptive referring/impersonant common/figurative involving/dependent copies/imitations for Americans, Newzealanders and Australians patterns/breeds.

If for Deltaverse blacklist; I'm also discriminant to submitters/establishes and the pattern's/breed's contem/look for their inexusable/asinine submissions/establishments about/for gatherings/universities and fantasies/sessions to meld/bond and blossom/become a submitter/establisher for the inexperienced malformite/ill-bred mentally-ill/slow patterns/breeds with cortex/beliefs and excuses/mindsets to be prolonged/undefining incomprimizable/contaminant signifyers for Blueprint/English context/labels such as autism, pronunciations, vocabulary, grammar, slang, mathimatical, but, irreverence, accent, opinion, teaching and fucking which are all signs/beaconings for being the smartest for Unintelligence which aren't intelligent.


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