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Zurgence RSPS | 718 Revised | Active Community | Great Staff Team | Custom Items & Bosses | Gambling |

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Zurgence RSPS Is a brand new 718 revised server with many great things to do! Here is a little bit more detailed information on us, also here is our discord so that you can play our server - https://discord.gg/YW499Zd


We have a variety of working skills ranging all the way up to dungeoneering, as well as 120 slayer!


We also include a custom teleport interface for all related teleports consisting of skilling, bossing, minigames, and so much more!







We also have fully working custom cosmetics, for you fashionscape lovers this is a dream come true!








We also have a very large home, for those who want to chill at home you wont have to ever worry about frame lag!


I hope i didn't forget to mention our  sexy custom items and dyes!

Last but not least! we have our very enhanced discord, with active chat, plenty of substantial channels to meet your needs, and custom bots!

Thanks for taking the time to view our thread! i hope to see you all on our server soon, we are brand new with the release just happening in an hour from now, be the first to join!

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discord link doesnt work 

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might of been a cool server if you knew how to upload any links to check it out

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