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🤚 Your gaming dude!

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Your Gaming Dude


I am YourGamingDude.com site owner and i want to invite you all to add your server/ website and even your Runescape Services to my website!

I would like to offer to add your website to my runescape server list in exchange for link to our site. You don't have to force your players to vote like in other sites. All you have to do is to put our link somewhere in your site (it can be even in footer!) and that's it!

About site: My website is focused on game servers, runescape blackmarket and gaming guides also almost every listed site have backlink to our website that means our SEO is growing every day and its really good opportunity to increase your website and server traffic for free!

Best wishes,


If i posted in wrong topic please feel free to move it where it belongs.


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Lol what topic should you use for trying to take people from runelocus to your own site?

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