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SiriusX l NEW! l ECO l 718/742 l XP MODES l T90 l CUSTOM BOSSES

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Welcome to SiriusX!

We do our best to deliver the best content we possibly can to our players and insure that they enjoy it. 

Our server is packed with content! We've got loads of minigames, skilling areas.
We have got alot of bosses including some very interesting ones! Donator boss, Party demon (SiriusX boss), QBD/KBD,  Corporeal Beast, Kalphite queen and so many more!
We offer 4 game modes. Easy, Normal, Hard & Legend! Each of the four game modes have their benefits and challenges.
We have frequent updates, almost daily to improve and deliver great content to our community.
Come join us today and help grow our community!

Daily updates to improve both our game and our community

Custom Dungeoneering

We currently have all 25 skills working.

18 challenging bosses to choose from.

Stable economy!

PVM/PK/Loyalty shops!
Minigames such as the barrows brothers, fight caves, fight kiln, and many more
Lots of training areas accessible by spirit tree at home.
Worldwide messages for exclusive loot!
PVP areas such as the duel arena, wilderness, red/white portal and more
Donators can also claim their own custom title
Functional Abyss and Runespan
T90 gear
Multiple Unique Donator Zones depending on tier.
Almost all dungeons and slayer monsters

New home Location Citharede abbey
Custom integrated discord bot

Giveaway's on discord!

Come join today and be a part of a great and growing community



Home Area (Link)


Custom Dungeoneering (Link)


SiriusX Boss (Link)


Donator Boss (Link)


Donator Zone (Link)


Skilling Zone (Link)


Gamble Area (Link)


Castle Wars (Link)


Gandalf Boss (Link)






Link to server is in discord! in ''links''.


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Provide a link for the forums or server in general. 

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been on this server a few times never seen an owner get on yet and for  over a week now ive noticed the shop sells d skimmys for 100k and buys then back for 150k lol

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