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Can anyone tell me how ikov, #1, has almost 43k votes and #2 Alora has like 4.3k votes. Theres a really big difference right there and im positive there is some multi/vpn voting going on there. Its obvious

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I know they have A LOT of players and last time it was discussed the votes were appropriate for the player count. When the hype for Ikov dies out, it'll return back to normal. Due to our latest improvements to the anti-cheating systems, it's much harder to gain an effective amount of cheated votes. It's still technically possible, but it's made ineffective unless really done at MASSIVE scale. Which in turn would be noticed by our random sweeps and mitigated. I think it's fair to say that the numbers currently on our toplist are representative. I'm unaware of anyone currently being able to effectively bypass our anti-cheating. When @Ikiliki returns from vacation, perhaps he can give more insights.

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