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BRAND NEW! CustomScape317- Online 24.7 | 1k+ Customs |Tons of Minigames | 9 Raids | 30 Bosses | Gambling

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Hi Rune-locus!

i have put a new server online!

Visit http://www.customscape317.com/ 

CustomScape is going to become one of the largest Custom Servers in the Runescape private server community.

With 9 Raids, 15+ minigames, 30+ bosses, Gambling, 2k+ custom items, there is so much to do in this game its Amazing!

All youtubers have their own youtube rank, armour, banner, pet, chain and much much more!

This game is going to blow up!

First 20 Players get free Donator Status and points worth around 25$!! 
What are you waiting for?! Don't miss out! Press Play now on our Still developing Website and collect your donations in game!

I'm not so great at making a rune-server Post. so i'm offering a 50$ Donation in-game for the person who can make a nice Advertisement Post for me with pictures and stuff.

Join now! don't miss out on your free donations and intense gameplay!


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