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Mistex is an aspiring and hopeful 317 revision server, aimed at providing an OSRS experience whilst providing our own imagination and creativity when it comes to gaining wealth and items (There is no custom items dont worry!) We are freshly joined and looking for people who are looking for a server that will remain for a long time, to enjoy and grind end game achievements on with your friends.
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  • At Mistex we recognise the importance of balancing the Grind aspect of an economy based server, with the exciting aspect that draws all players to RSPS which is the significantly less time it takes from the journey of beginning to end game. We believe the experience for all different types of player are equally viable and balanced
  • Though maintaining an Economy server is tough, we have numerous tactics to cleanly and honestly remove gold from the game, helping prevent stale gold lying around in players banks that will eventually mean less and less
  • Unfortunately upon login we will not offer the ability to set stats, we want to see the true experience of beginning to end game occur at Mistex, although with that being said, combat stat xp is considerably boosted to help make this process less tedious for players who like to get in the thick of the action in a short time. 










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Don't forget to join us. Offering rewards for joining our ::discord & ::forums!

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Building hype for Mistex here soon! We have accomplished so much within these past few weeks. Our effort, hopefully will indicate new players lead to our server. I really enjoy doing what I do, so please do not fill my thread with spam/negative comments. I really appreciate every one who has taken their time to check out Mistex.

Re-worked Justiciar's drops
Fixed Justiciar's crashing server after second kill
Fixed Justiciar's prayer draining stage. Will no longer drain literally like a million prayer points.
Higher ranked donators will advance to wave 40 of inferno.
Made the check option work server sided for viggoras chainmace & craws bow.

Raids - 

The bats in raids will no longer continue to stack up continuously.
The bats in raids are now catchable. Butterfly net, or achievement to use bare-hand.
Bats no longer count as a monster in the room (killed monsters) when caught.
You must use melee to kill tekton now.
Pest control -

Special attack is now fully restored when a game ends.
Inferno -

Fixed freezing timer on the NPCS in inferno, now should work properly.

Infernal pickaxe now displays the attack menu of Pickaxe's (impale, smash, block, and spike)
Ghrazi rapier now displays the correct attack menu (stab options).
Mining skillcape Operate option now teleports you straight to the mining guild.
Corporeal beast now is effected by spear/hasta
Removed arcane sigil from vote shop
Added crystal key to vote shop - priced at 25/piece.
Removed all partyhat's from donator shop, accessed only in Ultra Mystery Box.
Removed all santa hats from donator shop, accessed only in Ultra Mystery Box.
Added Mithril seeds to Fancy shop.
- Price changes -

-Fighters Torso/Fire cape in vote shop boosted to 150.
-Dragon Defender ornament kit is now priced at 200 voting points.
-Boosted rune pouch & whip dye prices.
-Whip increased in the voting shop
Added item requirements to these items:

-Twisted bow
-Amulet of Anguish
-Occult necklace
-Amulet of Torture/(or)
-Toxic staff & Toxic staff of the dead.
-Imbued godcapes
-PvP Armours (Vesta, Statius, Morrigans, etc)
-Craws bow
-Dinh's bulwark
Skill interfaces: (Clicking Skills)

- Range

Twisted bow, and both ballistas added to Bow's section.
Armadyl crossbow added to crossbows.
Organized the armour/weapon options, displaying the level multiple times. (eye-catch fix)
- Prayer

Now displays the prayer options past Smite (Chivarly, Piety, Preserve, Rigour and augury.)
- Magic

Organized it a bit more, to the appeal of the eye.
Added more items such as kodai wand, and toxic staff to show requirements on mage page.
- Hunter/Woodcutting/Cooking

-Added check option for Craws bow & Viggoras Chainmace
-Made infernal maxed cape have the "Check" & "Log" option.
-Examine option on items, will now display the value of the item.

-Anger sword will now be highly effective with new justiciar boss; Other weapons will provide you less accuracy & damage on this boss.
-Justiciars areas in wilderness are now multi
-Had to fix Justiciar's client effects. Refresh the client, or his walk/stance animations will be bugged.
-Justiciar will now spawn in a random spot out of 3 areas in the wilderness.
-Can only use melee on him, other wise you won't do damage
-Anger sword will lower his attack accuracy/strength.
-Swaps between Mage/Melee attack, and a prayer drain mode. Multi-target attack, and single focus targetting when meleeing.
-New items added to ultra mystery box, removed some garbage, less chance at recieving a barrows item.

1 - He drops from a circle, and lands safetly too the ground - Magic (providing a powerful magic attack, which will freeze anyone in the area.)
2 - Sword chop - Melee (HIGHEST HITTING)
3 - Sword SLAM - Special (Prayer draining 10 very fast.) - Protection prayers do not protect you from this. Move a tick over to reduce 2% of the damage.

We created the spawns to spawn at 3 different locations in the wilderness RANDOMLY. Every time you kill him, he will switch his spawn.

-100% Inferno
-Added inferno teleport to wizard -> minigames
-Donator Slayer Cave teleport (via Teleportation device)
-Inferno pet added in, along with gambling
-Inferno will now save upon logout/disconnect

-Added a security system for players death, it will log your X & Y coordinate & name & time.
-Added donation transaction log in-game when they claim. So now, we can keep tabs of people who don't donate, and who do donate more properly.
^ This will help Free & Simtex conclude further investigation for the future. ^
-You can use ::home in wilderness under 20 wildy.
-Added Player Administrator rank, and Normal Administrator (normal admin having more access for development reasons etc, player Admin being Head Moderator commands + some)
-Moved Combat Instructor NPC & Agility Teleport NPC more in a noticeable spot for less confusion.
-Changed login message for eye catch.
-"Man" in catacomb (the one without the attack option) near the abyssal demons will now no longer aggro you.
-Fixed infernal maxed cape's stats, also need to actually be maxed now to wear it
-Worked on staff commands, to be more performable and less buggy.

Old news (last week):
-Raised glods hp, lowered his drop rates since you can only kill him every so often, added more drops
^Did same with ice queen
-Added more possibilities in the crystal chest. (Onyx items, as far as bones for prayer, and couple more)
-Mystery box & Tier 2 pvm keys are now dropped more efficiently by npcs.
-Added new Sanguinesti Staff & Effects, 1/6 chance for heal of damage dealt.
-Ethereum charges on the bracelet now save as well.
-Elysian spirit shield effect 100%
-Fixed amulet of torture (or) stats
-Recommended to use Range on Mystics (Bumped their defence toward mage/melee)
-Worked on Olm, spawns Crystal bomb, if you are not within 6 square's of it, you will be hit by the explosion
-Worked on raid drops, more efficient now. 1/50 chance for donators, ironman, hardcore iron man, extremist mode, regular mode is 1/100.
-Odium pieces 1-3 creates an odium ward

-Malediction pieces 1-3 creates malediction ward

-Removed odium ward from fanatic etc, requires the shards now from the bosses.

-Removed ::changepass, it is now ::changepassword due to issues happening with when trying ::changepassword, it'll read as ::changepass too making it give you a bad password.

-Changed chat text from red to cyan color (when receving a rare drop) so its not the same color as Clan chat.

-Check charges on Bracelet of Ethereum works

-Hasta counts where it will hit corp beast, as well as halberd spec.

-Added anvil to skillers cove

-Made Scorpia drop offspring, and made it drop the odium ward 3 etc.

-Added core pet to corp drop.

-Fixed lizardman shamans 1/2000 for d warhammer. (now 1/1000)

-Lowered bandos rates a bit.

-Chaos fanatics drops, re-worked

-Smoke devils multi

-Can now use tier 2 key on crystal chest

-Lumber jack outfit now accessable by Woodcutting expert achievement.

-Lumber jack outfit now gives 1.3* XP in woodcutting, when worn.

Justiciar Boss:



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