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when voting on servers the captcha takes very long to function correctly

blood trails

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i think this is the right section for this, so i noticed when voting on servers for in-game rewards sometimes the voting gets like laggy and shit, only when the captcha appears needing to click on certain images that the bot makes u to click.

so for example u get to click on all the images that show a bus in there, u select all 2-3 or 1 pictures that have a bus on it, click confirm and it shows up like u didnt select any image and stuff, making u need to do the same exact thing just maybe with different image all over again, sometime it lasts for over 5, 10 or even more times when the captcha doesnt register the clicked images making the voting go from couple seconds or a minute to over 10 minutes which is extremely annoying.

i hope this is the right section and i explained everything good for it to be maybe fixed because i hate it when the voting is scuffed and it takes over 10 minutes to vote on couple websites.

ALSO forgot to mention that the same thing occurs on all voting sites not only runelocus

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