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Runixscape RSPS 2019

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        RunixScape RSPS     



Auto-donate and Auto-vote is up.


        Website Media
        Automatically Updated Drop table, Players online table, and donation table:


        Highscores, Player information, and player bank viewer:highscores.png


 Support/Contact Us System: Automatically Sends Emails:support.png
        Download Page (automatically detects your operating system and shows compatible downloads):]dl.png


Game Media
        Teleportation/Transportation System


 Difficulty/Prestige System


    Info Tab

        Donator Chest Shops
        Page 1

pg1.pngpg2.pngpg3.png pg4.pngpg5.pngpg6.png
        Red Lightsaber (Force Choke)

        Green Lightsaber (Force Push (Anim is cut off here you don't see it))

        Purple lightsaber force kick, Blue lightsaber force pull, yellow lightsaber is force heal, white lightsaber is force pickup item... Pretty neat :)


      Ice Torva and Energy Sword    



        - Shadow Skin, Daedric Swords, And more!
Videos:         Episode 1:
        Episode 2:
        Episode 3:




        Credits: Aviansie (skype:fbowna92)


        Note: Still working on much more and higher quality media and more content. Please join today and/or message me!   

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