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- Client Zooming
- Mouse wheel Camera Movement
- Shift Item Dropping
- Customizable PK sets
- Bounty Hunter
- Revenants
- Godwars Dungeon
- Display Name Support
- Fully functional World Map
- Automatic Tournaments
- Unique Clan system
- Customizable Fkeys
-Customizable Drag
- Scam-safe gambling
- Normal and Corrupt PVP Equipment (degradable)
There's way more! Why don't you just try it out yourself?



The following content is just a portion of what we have in stock, come and check us out yourself!


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Bump - Big update is coming soon

Little Sneak-Peak:


(Our plan was not to add any customs but Max cape was suggested a lot & It fit in perfectly with our update, So customs will only be added if it fits our content)

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Posted (edited)

Update #9 - 01/03/2018 - QoL Updates, Achievements


Game Updates:

  • Title system & Title manager has been improved.
  • You no longer need to re-buy the same title, It will automatic save the title to your character file.
  • You can now check what titles you own by right click title manager.
  • Ahrim's staff & Penance Trident staff are now 1 Handed weapons.
  • Staff of Light special attack.
  • Special attack effect will now cancel when switching weapons.
  • Special attack timer will now work as it did on runescape(Pre-Eoc)
  • Fun weapons setting in duel arena interface has be changed to DDS/Whip Only
  • Messages in clan chat will now display staff and donator icons.
  • 45 Achievements have been added.
  • Compete now with all players to be the first to unlock all achievements!
  • There are 5 different types of achievements.
  • PVM, PKing, Wilderness, Skilling and server involvement!
  • Max cape has been added.
  • The requirements to wear a max cape is to have a total level of 2079.
  • Dungeoneering, Hunter, Slayer and Construction are currently not taken into consideration until these are fixed.
  • Tokhaar-kal cape has been added.
  • Explorer Jack has been added.
  • You can claim a blood necklace after completing all wilderness and pking achievements.
  • You can upgrade your fire cape to a tokhaar-kal after completing all pvming achievements.
  • An eco reset has been done due to several individuals abusing exploits and sharing wealth.
  • As mentioned in the thread, donators will get their credits re-issued.
  • Any type of stats are saved and will remain on your account.
  • Shooting stars have been fixed.
  • You can now cut down trees with the axe in your inventory.
  • You can no longer activate quick prayers in the duel arena when the "no prayers"-rule is on.
  • Preset sets now change the spellbook and prayer book.







Edited by Alacrity

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