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Yggdrasil 831


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Yggdrasil is my new server I am bringing out. A lot of changes are in the future here. So when you join don't expect it to remain the same way it is as I am going for close to rs emulation with lower exp rates. I am always open to suggestions as far as what content you may want to see. I have added a special boss that you can do for fun called Skeletal Horror. It has 4 stages of battle and he hits pretty hard. I suggest prayer potions and food. I am currently doing the dev work along with a helper of mine, we decided to team up. I think most of you know me for my prior works and I know some of you enjoyed them. 

> All skills trainable
> Skeletal Horror (Old boss but nobody has him besides me with full combat script/by the limestone quarry)
> Hydrix gems (creating gems from incomplete hydrix+onyx/jewelry making/enchanting)
> GE (Player based so it's more legit)
> Lunar magics (heal group and tele group spells working great)
> Priff pillar farming
> Proper Runespan
> Equipment Interactions (right click said equipped item like Gold torch to use its special emote)
> Giant Mole (updated)
> Vorago / Rise of six (still needs some tweaking but they are do-able/All bosses besides araxxor working right now)
> Pest Control
> Bonds (used for membership)


Website : Link

Forums : Link

Client : Link

Discord: Link


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1 hour ago, SinsAreNice said:

looks nice but we cant play seems like the server is down or  you are updating iv bean trying to get on all morning 

Yea something happened (after a 3 month stress test) to the server that happens to be unknown in origins. So I have now changed to the 831 that I used to host. It is now back. Links have been changed as well.

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