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[OSRS] ArriScape [Economy - Stable - Active - 20+ Bosses]

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Hello to the RL Community - I am Prestigious, developer of ArriScape. I am here to announce the opening of the beta and pre-development for my server and I'd like for you to participate!

Discord | Website | Client Download

Here are a list of some of our features!
- 24/7 Uptime -
- Fully functional PvM & PvP -
- Donator Zone -
- No lag -
- Friendly staff -
- Skillcape perks -
- Prestige -
- Shift-click dropping -
- Slayer Bossing -
- Vote rewards -
- Custom clue scrolls & rewards -
- Drop tables for ALL npcs -
- Unique walking animations -
- Team dungeoneering -
- 100% Combat spells -
- Boss pets -
- Drop logs + Kill Tracker -
- Bonus EXP Weekends -    
- Quick prayers    -
- Well of Good Will -


~ Server ~

We have reverted back to our original 317 Revision.
New Bosses Added.
Home has changed to Edgeville.
Shops have been added to Home.
EXP Rate Balanced.
Prestige enabled.
Completionist Cape Added.
Nerfed KBD - Magic Defense Decreased.

Donator Zones & Ranks Added:

  - Normal Donator
  - Super Donator
  - Extreme Donator
  - Legendary Donator
  - Uber Donator
*Prices and requirements will be noted in seperate thread.

Added Vote System + Rewards

Vote Commands:
- RedeemRewards

Added Donator System + Rewards

Scrolls Added:
- $10 Scroll
- $25 Scroll
- $50 Scroll

- Claim Donator Package

Rewards Added: Must use scroll to purchase rewards in-game.

~ Client ~

Quest tab revamped
Get a staff member's attention by clicking their name in the 'Staff Online' list on Quest Tab.
Added Kill + Drop Log
Added Money Pouch
Clicking world map globe will open up teleport interface
Check NPC Drops using ::drops (npc name) or ::npcdrops (npc name)

~ Server Misc.~

Fixed a few bugs
Cleaned up code a bit
More small changes, can't remember much that was done. Nothing servere.



This server is currently open-beta & Pre-Development, so please do not expect much, but I am working vigorously on lots of changes at the time!

Edited by Prestigious

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Not going to lie, there's not much of anything that catches my attention. Perhaps supply some media or list features of unique content not on other servers!

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