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Divided Kingdom - A whole new begining!

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Divided Kingdom

A whole new beginning

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*Please note this is not Ruse or a Leech, so please move off that topic.

- +10 Unique Pets
- Unique Duo & Solo Slayer System
- P.v.P Target System / E.P. Earnings / Killstream System / FUNPK
- Dwarf Multi-Cannon
- Loyalty Titles
- New Economy (We focus on Drop Ratio's, Chances, and Rewards.)
- Curses & Quick Prayers
- Speed Trivia (Random Server Event)
- Unique Interfaces / Tasks / Quests / and More!
- Fairly Decent PVP (Adjustable based off experienced PVP players only, we do our best to reach for flawless pvp.)
- Great Bridding, Welfare, Pure, Range, Mage PVP Features.
- Many Unique Mini-Games (Blast Furnace, Duel Arena, Pest Control and More!)
- Custom Dungeoneering + New Skill Coming Soon
- Duo Dungeoneering w/ Invites Requests
- Custom Construction (Coming Soon)
- Unique Mini-games and Mini-Events





More media will be added soon! :D

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Update Log 1.0.01:
- Re-added all the Npc's, this might lead to some un-available content.- Yanilles teleport has been tweeked towards the bank.
- Summoning location has been altared and remodeled.
- Dungeoneering has been added to the "Skilling" teleports.
- Rock Crabs has been re-added to the "Monster" teleports.
- Money Exchange shop was properly added.
- General Shop, Zeke (Combat Salesmen), Iron-Man Shop have been created.
- Official Rules has been updated, please review!
- Disable/Enable Fog in settings tab.
- Disable/Enable Rooftops in settings tab.
- Added (Red Rope) around Dungeoneering Cave.
- Added Bank Exchange for money holders.
- Account Overview (My Account) has been updated.
- Website Now Available
- New Download link / release
- Right Click funtions for java 9+
- Dominion Tower has been re-added.
- Strange Rocks has been added to the Challenges tab. (Achievement Tab)
- Added Npc to change home, will cost 100,000 to change home location.
- Temp. Logo has been created for website.

Update Log 1.0.02:
- New shops available to all normal players non Iron-Man.
- Construction has been re-added (Coming Soon)
- Dungeoneering item binding has been completed.
- Dungeoneering lootable objects have been added.
- Dungeoneering new rooms have been added and remodeled.
- New minimap icons have been added to the minimap.
- New Challenges are available and new ones coming soon.
- Purchase a home for Construction at Falador.
- New portal to enter homes now at Rimmington.
- Warriors Guild minigame coming soon (Remodeling began)
- Thieving exp, rewards, and system have been added.
- Thieving stalls now turn empty and return based off a timer.
- Thieving from npcs now give better exp.
- Removed all known altars and ready to add a new system for altars.
- Castle wars has been disabled and ready for remodeling for new events!

Edited by Freedomplay

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