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[637] Asgard - Eco-PvP

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Asgard is a project that was started and built from scratch by Magnito, with a goal to create a stable and
flexible framework. The project was started in the late 2015's. Since i joined in 2015 it has been built on,
on and off and it is now time to finally gain some recognition for the work that has been put into this.
Asgard is going to be an economy driven PvP server. Our goal is to create a server that meets
the community's expectations. We want to bring quality over quantity, and we believe that is the
road to success. We are still developing the game, and we will be there for a while, but with
your support and suggestions we're sure we will finish in no time. We have also made
our own editors and tools to boost our efficiency. Keep in mind that we are always looking for
help and suggestions, so please do leave comments with what you're looking for in Asgard!



Asgard is launching whenever we finish our core needs for a server. Right now, it is at a stage
where we can't keep you guys entertained if you play it. There is way to much basic content that needs
to be added before Asgard is even at a playable state. We are hoping to launch before new years
but the plans can quickly change.















Update Log

    -Netty 4.1.3
    -Google GSON 2.3
        -Item/Object/NPC definitions
        -Loading Cache
        -Single thread to update the players/npcs/reset tasks in the world cycled at 600ms
    -Core Timing
        -Millisecond/Tick based cycles, can use either one for anything essentially leading to seconds/minutes/hours/ticks etc.
        -The main update thread will still cycle at 600ms
        -Incoming packets nearly all have been identified
        -Outgoing packets, majority of them have been identified
        -Packet handling for the player
        -Packets are queued and processed every 600ms
        -Entering/leaving lobby
        -World selection though we are sticking to one world
        -Entering the world, queued and processed every 600ms
        -Leaving the world (player is saved etc, removed from region)
        -Collision handling for objects/walls
        -Each region stores the players/npcs/objects/ground items in that region
        -Improved region loading to only load the region when required 
        -Adding player/npc/ground item/objects to a region
        -Removing player/npc/ground item/objects to a region
        -Item definition saving/loading with JSON
        -Account saving/loading with JSON
        -Clan saving/loading with JSON
        -Combat information saving/loading with JSON
        -Clipped pathfinding, uses AStar algorithm for player/npc walking/running
        -NPCS will use AStar but a 'dumb' version so they get stuck behind objects (in progress)
        -Item definition editor to edit every definition/load every definition/save every definition
            -Item definitions can be edited and saved and changes can take place whilst the server is live, no need for restarting the server
        -NPC Spawn Editor to spawn any npc/edit spawns of any npc
            -NPCS face direction, wander range, forced text & timer for the forced text etc
            -NPCS can be spawned permanently (when server restarts), temporarily (as long as the server is live) or both
            -Changes to NPC spawns can take place whilst the server is live, just like the item definition editor, no need to restart the server        
        -Server console, when the server starts, a server console will appear where you can perform many actions
            -In the console tab, you can see the servers output stream, players online, npcs etc, also can clear the console tab from prints
            -In the server tab, you can stop/restart server, send a server message
            -In the player tab, you can punish a player (mute, ipmute, ban, ipban etc), kick them from ingame
            -In the player tab, you can spawn player bots and set credentials for them
            -In the tools tab, you are able to access Asgard's tools such as the Item Definition Editor, NPC Spawn Editor etc.
            -The server console can not be closed whilst the server is online, only one window of each tool can be open at once
    -Character updating
        -Player updating with the most important masks
        -Double graphic masks can be used at once (view two graphics at once), render mask etc
        -NPC updating
    -Command system    
        -Every server must/probably does have a command system
        -Executing commands based on rights
        -Ability to view commands tailoured to your rank
    -Interface management
        -Interface management for the player, send inventory/chatbox interfaces etc
        -Closing interfaces, closing specific interfaces such as inventory/chatbox etc
        -Validating if interfaces are open or not
    -Stat management
        -Manage stats, boost stats/drain stats
        -Dynamic level/static level calculations and applications
        -Draining stats/boosting stats all handled
        -Restoring stats to original levels from boosted/drained stats all handled
    -Container System
        -Container system supports any type of container; inventory/equipment/bank/utility, utility for things like trade/party room/stakes etc
        -Inventory support, insert/remove from inventory, insert/remove from desired slot in inventory
        -Equipment support, insert/remove from equipment (desired slot has to be given every time)
        -Banking (in progress)
    -Lock system
        -Character lock system for players/npcs for a specified duration
        -Handles attempts to break the lock and can perform actions e.g send a message/animate the player etc
        -Handles when a lock expires and unlocks
    -Prayer System
        -Ability to toggle/use all regular prayers
        -Boosts from prayers are calculated
        -Rapid restore/rapid heal/rapid renewal mechanics in progress
        -Prayer draining system, prayer flicking and quick prayers have all been handled.
        -Quick prayers also save on logout
    -Consumable manager
        -Consumption of foods with their affects (healing)
        -Provides a lock to consuming food after consuming a food
        -The lock can be altered when eating certain foods such as karambwans to allow for combo eating
        -You can eat a karambwan in the same tick as any other food apart from a karambwan itself (so you can't eat two karambwans in the same tick)
    -Drinking manager
        -Drinking of potions with their affects (stat boost/drain)
        -All potion affects have been handled (need to confirm how overloads work still)
        -Provides a lock to drinking potions after drinking a potion
        -Also provides a lock to consuming food after drinking a potion as you can't drink a potion and eat on the same tick (in that order, however you can eat then drink on the same tick)
    -Ground Items
        -If a ground item is not tradeable, after two minutes of being on the ground, it will be removed 
        -If a ground item is tradeable after two minutes, it will go public (every can see it), after another two minutes it will be removed
        -Ground items update on login and when moving regions so as long as you've dropped the item, in the first two minutes you will see it
    -Action system
        -Actions can be queued or not queued 
        -Each action has policies for movement and queing
        -A coordinate action has been introduced where an action is triggered once a character reaches a coordinate
        -The coordinate action can be triggered after a set delay from reaching the coordinate
        -Picking up a ground item has been added through the action system
        -Spam clicking on a ground item changes nothing, user PID determines who receives the ground item from mass clicks on it
    -Player Bots
        -Player bots can be created, (through code/command)
        -Player bots can be added to the world, removed from the world and act like players
        -Player bots have the ability to do what players can, although their purpose and life cycle is yet to be determined
        -Combat styles tab has been added
        -Combat style is conserved when swapping weapons (e.g lunge on a scimitar will result in lash on a whip)
        -Combat style is also conserved when removing weapons, all styles are conserved and update accordingly with the new equipped weapon
        -Handling poison is now finished, anti-poison potion provides immunity for 90 seconds, super anti poison for 6 minutes
        -If you have the anti poison totem equipped, this provides immunity to poison whilst worn but is not used to cure poison
        -Poison damages you once per 30 ticks whilst you are poisoned and poison damages falls by 1 after each poison damage
        -Poison damage and duration is saved, if you have for example 2 ticks left before poison damages you and you relog, 2 ticks after you will get poison damage, then the next poison damage is 30 ticks after like normal
                -Handled attack animations for almost every weapon (Did not bother with weapons like decorative, gravite etc)
                -The player will move to the closest (non-diagonal) tile to the victim
                -As the victim moves, the closest tile is re-calculated to move to the next closest one
                -You are now able to hit your opponent whilst chasing them as long as there is no wall/object between you two
                        -Maximum melee damage possible has been calculated
                        -The style used (aggressive/controlled) also plays a part in your maximum hit
                        -Wearing full void (melee) increases your maximum possible hit by 10%
                        -Wearing full dharok's with the hitpoints calculation has been made to have the dharok's effect
                        -Melee defence and accuracy has been calculated, wearing full void melee has a 10% increase in your melee accuracy
                        -Hit & Block chance has also been calculated, each successful hit has a damage value from 0 to your max hit which is random
                -Handled loading ranged data such as ranged weapon animations, speeds, ammunition data etc
                -The player will move to the closest tile in which a range attack can take place
                -As the victim moves, the closest tile is re-calculated to move to the next closest one
                -Checking for ammunition, checking the bow is compatible with the ammunition being used (ofc excluding thrown weapons)
                -Using rapid on range decreases the weapon speed by one, using long-range increases distance from target by two
                -Handled sending projectiles of the ammunition used such as arrows, knifes, darts etc
                -Handled sending the secondary projectile when dark bow is used
                -Crystal bow projectile has also been handled
                -Went through arrows, darts, knifes, javelins, bolts etc and made sure they all have the correct bonuses (for ranged strength)
                -Hunters' crossbow also has the correct speed - that of a shortbow
                        -Maximum ranged damage possible has been calculated
                        -The style used (rapid/accurate/long-range) also plays a part in your maximum hit
                        -Wearing full void (ranged) increases your maximum hit by 10%
                        -Ranged defence and accuracy has been calculated, wearing full void range has a 10% increase in your ranged accuracy
                        -Hit & Block chance has also been calculated, each succesful hit has a damage value from 0 to your max hit which is random
                -The player will move to the closest tile in which a magic attack can take place 
                        -Maximum magic damage possible has been calculated
                        -Each spell has a base max hit, your magic damage % in your bonuses have an affect on the maximum damage, e.g barrage base max hit is 30, using a staff of light you can hit 345 at maxium
                        -Slayer dart maximum hit formulae has been added, it is based on your magic level
                        -God spells have a base max hit of 20, using charge will boost the base max hit from 20 to 30
                        -Bolt spells have a base max hit of 12, using chaos gauntlets you can hit 3 more making the maximum 15
                        -After calculating your base max hit + any more boosts from spells like charge or items worn, your magic damage % is what will increase it further
                        -Magic defence has been calculated, it is based 70% of your effective magic level and 30% of your effective defence level
                        -Magic accuracy has been calculated, wearing full void magic has a 45% increase in your accuracy
                        -Hit & Block chance has also been calculated, each succesful hit has a damage value from 0 to your max hit which is random
        -Special attacks have been handled, each special attack will have a set cool down timer and will affect your next combat hit timer
        -If you have a ring of vigour equipped whilst using your special, it will reduce the cost of the special by 10% of the total amount
        -Handling damage has been added, calculations for recoiled damage, vengeance damage, critical damage have been handled
        -Critical damage at the moment is set to hitting greater than or equal to 90% of your maximum possible hit
        -Damage soaking has been added, the absorption bonuses in your equipment will play a part in how much damage you absorb
        -Divine spirit shield reduces damage by 30% and at the same time reduces your prayer points (if you have enough prayer)
        -Elysian spirit shield has a 70% chance to reduce damage taken by 25%
        -If the player is teleporting, no damage is taken
        -Staff of light affect has also been added (reduces damage by 50%)
        -Input on keyboard can be detected resulting to the number pad being able to be used for dialogues
        -Escape can be used to close the current open interface
        -FKeys can be re-mapped to open tabs of the player's choice
        -Items kept on death and items lost on death have all been handled
            -For items kept on death, the top three most valuable according to g.e price will be kept
            -Mouse hovering over items on the interface and click handling has been added
        -World objects, objects can be spawned permanently around the map, clipping is also added
        -System to verify if an object actually exists when a player interacts with an object
    -Player loyalty/custom titles before and after the player's name
    -A player invisibility glitch has been fixed
    -The client no longer takes ages to load
    -Custom crowns in public chat/private message
    -Ability to toggle a snow client
    -Ability to left click npcs (credits to Bando)
    -The client no londer needs to load equip ids 
    -RSA enabled credits to AeroPK/Taengo/Murion
    -The middle mouse scroll can be used to move the camera
    -You are able to use the mouse scroll to zoom the camera in and out
    -For fixed screen, you are only able to zoom in/out if your mouse is within the correct part of the screen






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Hey everyone,

Thank you for all the positive feedback so far, look forward to hosting this! I have been really busy IRL however I will push updates as much as I can when I have free time.


Found a small miscalculation and an incorrect check made in combat formulae, the error lingered around in melee, magic & ranged formulae for the Hit & Block chance. This was corrected.

Magic Spells

Handling of spells and recognising which spell is used.

Magic combat attack on a player/NPC has been handled.

After casting the spell once (not autocast) you remain out of combat and do not continue to hit in melee/ranged/magic.

Each spell has a five tick delay between each cast.

So far just to test, I have added IceBarrage, freezing the victim etc has not beed added just yet.



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bump consider joining our discord, 43 members and growing

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Consider joining the discord boys, 50 members and growing.

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bump, join our discord, we havent given up on the project. We are now loading OSRS Data.  Screenshot_2020-11-17_at_14.15.21.png?wi

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