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Hey guys, the rest of the christmas event is finally here as well as some other goodies for you to earn. Thank Corey for the Custom models for the KBD armor + the Boss masks!

-The Christmas event is now finished
-A new Custom Event Boss can be spotted around Valius. Anti Santa will drop 2 Exclusive custom pets + Presents!

-the King Black Dragon will now drop KBD armor which will give a % of health back depending on the amount of
Β pieces a player is wearing

-Custom boss masks have been created by Corey and packed in. These Masks will be dropped by their respected GWDS boss
Β (General Graardor mask, Commander Zyliana Mask, K'ril Tsutsaroth Mask and the Kree'arra Mask)
Β These masks will be COSMETIC items.

-Support for Custom textures has been added
-Some pathing issues when attacking monsters has been fixed
-Some clipping issues at the home are have been fixed
-Slayer tasks are now obtainable again

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Β -The Dice bag, Justiciar Shield & new home portal models have been repacked
Β -A second scene has been added to the login screen
Β -Fixed Lands End & the hunter teleports
Β -Silver, Gold and Coal ores have been removed from raid 1 drops
Β Raids 1 fixes:
Β -Fixed drops sometimes not being given to all players
Β -raised the amount of herb drops + removed lower lvl herbs from raid drops
Β -Added Bloodmoney, Gold Coins & Dragonbones to common raid 1 drops
Β -Removed uncut gems from raid 1 drops
Β -The infernal Harpoon has been added to raids 1 drops (1:15 to hit the table)
Β -The Twisted Crossbow has been added to the Raids 1 drop table (Most powerful overall crossbow)
Β -Fixed some dialogue with infernal key announcements
Β -Players will now always receive drops while in raids 1
Β -Crystals will now be removed so players can use the stairs at raids 1

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-Slayer helmets have been fixed and all helmets are now equiptable, creatable and have their correct stats
-Bone to peaches tabs have been added to the Pvm point shop for 10 pvm points each
-Trolleim teleport has been added and the Diary has been added when teleporting there via the spell book
-The mithril smithing interface guide will now display a mithril kiteshield and not a bronze kiteshield
-The thirdage pickaxe and axe will now have a higher success rate for mining ores/cutting trees
-The Dragonhunter Mystery box has been finished and added to the Donator store
-Chances for receiving clue bottles while fishing has been increased
-When a player creates an account, it will automatically launch the discord link
-Chance for receiving clue nests while woodcutting have been increased. rates | easy: 1:250, medium: 1:500, hard: 1:750

-Removed the need for admins to type "-" between the giveitem command
-The youtuber referral system has been finished. players can only claim youtuber referral rewards on 1 account
-Weapon Sheathing has been fixed and works 100% with all godswords + Kril's swords
-Whip and Dragon boots have been removed from the PVM point shop to give players a chance to grind + to give them more value
-Dragon darts have been added to the PVM point shop along side Dragon arrows for 2 PVM points
-The twisted crossbow has been slightly buffed to make room for the Dominion crossbow (2nd best crossbow currently in-game!)
*Dominion crossbow range bonus: 135
*Twisted Crossbow range bonus: 150
-Monsters now drop PVM caskets at 1:40 rates. these are one of the many steps we wil be taking to bring more gold coins into the economy
-The trading post has been finished and works 100% as intended. The interface will be going through a rework very soon!
-Players can now imbue the Turqoise slayer helmet to (i)
-Master capes (200M XP capes) 5% droprate bonus now displays properly
-Colored Infernal capes and Fire capes are no longer tradeable
-The tekton sword has a 1 in 5 chance to hit 2-5 burning damage 3x over 3.5 seconds after the hit




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