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New Discord server!

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Hi everyone,

As of today, RuneLocus has a brand new official Discord server.

The Discord server we used in the past was owned and managed by Lusfr_. It however, with all respect for his hard work and spent time, was not being managed the way an official RuneLocus Discord should be managed. Apparently @Ziek` and I were not the only ones with that opinion, as we've been receiving confronting messages regarding the Discord on a daily basis.

Hereby I'm inviting you all to the new RuneLocus Discord server:


The old Discord server is, as mentioned above, owned by Lusfr_. The server will be renamed and unlinked from the RuneLocus community. It is up to Lusfr_ to decide what he'll do with the server. I however, recommend you to move over to our new Discord server. That is also the new place where you'll find all RuneLocus staff members.


A few notes:

  • RSPS Owners will have to re-submit a request for the rights to post in #rsps-advertisements
  • We'll be using the forum ranks as Discord ranks. If you have a special rank on the forum, you may request the same rank on Discord. Use #role-requests for that.
  • As of today, no special ranks or rights will be sold. This includes the special rights to use @everyone in your advertisements.
  • If you've purchased special ranks or rights from Lusfr_ recently, please discuss the matter with Lusfr_ directly.

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