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[BETA] Fusion 718 (Need Testers!)

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Welcome to Fusion.

Fusion is a 718 RSPS and is currently in its' very early stages. We are looking for beta testers who will be rewarded with the veteran role on our new website.

Social Links:

Website: http://fusionrsps.com (Website is being changed soon, thanks to the help of "Setup" from Runelocus :blush: ).

Discord: https://discord.gg/QfSDB7n

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7tkuav9g6w1xe9e/Fusion+RSPS.jar




Aside from beta testers, we would like to recruit some staff members.

Fusion is looking for the following roles:

global_mod.png - Server and Forum Mod.

forum_mod.png - Forum Mod.

jr_forum_mod.png - Trial Forum Mod.

server_mod.png - Server Mod.

veteran.png [Not staff but all beta testers will receive this rank on the new Forums].

support.png - Trial Mod.


Server Info:

Here is a list of some features that Fusion has.



- Dungeoneering is in the works.

- Fully working Construction.

- Hunting, Farming, Summoning, Etc. 

Donator Items/Areas:

- Custom Donator zone / Custom Extreme Donator zone.

- Donator and Extreme Donator glowing capes.

- Custom Titles.

- More to come.


- Clan Wars

-Soul Wars

- Fight Kiln

-Jad Minigame

-Pest Control

-Hunger Games

-Mobilising Armies

- Duel Arena 

- White and red portal working

-First of Guthix


- Dominion Tower

- Fully working Grand Exchange. 

- Trivia.

- Squeal of Fortune.

- Working Prestige system + shop.

So much more but you'll have to join to and try the server out for yourself! :p




















Anyways, just a few images and a basic general description. Didn't want to overboard with content. If you're really interested in being a beta tester and potentially join the staff team then feel free to join the discord. Applications will be open tomorrow!


Will delete this thread once server has officially launched as I will make a more presentable advertisement. Thank you all for reading this!

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