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Divinity RSPS | Become A Divine Today ~

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Free Donor rank + 50 Cosmetic Coins, is available for a limited time for unique users who will join Divinity RSPS through this thread. To claim your free 3 days donor rank, login in-game then type ;;rserverdivinity.



About Divinity


Divinity is a unique RSPS that has near-endless potential for days and days of immersive game-play. If you are interested in playing RSPS that can be thoughtful, engaging and intelligent, and provide some real challenge while you're at it, you've just landed on the right RSPS.


Main Goals


Our main goal is letting the players enjoy the server as much as possible. We offer the full experience of the latest Runescape3 content in our lovely old 2012 Runescape2 revision. Our game is powered by the powerful and profound language of Java. We are currently the Revision 718 protocol loading the Latest Runescape3 indexed cache, which basically means we have all the current Runescape3 content. Whenever Runescape3 wiki updates, we will update. Here in Divinity, we provide an active and interactive community for all players, new and old, along with experienced developers who strive for your enjoyment.


  Why Divinity?

  • Pre-EOC with full off-handing combat system.
  • +25 Bosses Including full vorago with rotations, araxxor, and Gwd2 bosses.
  • 5 Game-modes, including Ironman & Hc Ironman, and a competitive prestige ranks with titles.
  • All T92 Armors, and weapons, Noxious weaponry has special attacks.
  • Over +15 Runescape minigames with double points events.
  • Legendary Pets with insane abilities such as alching items, noting items, saving you from dying.
  • Fully working player ports exactly like Runescape with exclusive rewards.
  • Real Achievements with title ranks and rewards.
  • Almost everything is logged for players to view.
  • Custom Dungeoneering System different than actual RS3 but same rewards = more fun!
  • Full Construction houses, with moving houses.
  • World events such as (Boss raids, Trivia, shooting stars and much more)!
  • All items dyes (Starting for normal colours, all way to Third age, Barrows, Shadows & Blood dyes).
  • No pay-to-win schemes, perks & few items are the only items available at store.
  • Double Experience and Double Drops Bonus Well system.
  • Cosmetic overrides, keepsakes, gear presets.
  • Lottery System, Dice Duels, Working Duel Arena for Gamblers.
  • Bounty hunter added for Wilderness PKERS.
  • Working Priffidans as top players guild.
  • All skills are working with no process errors (including Divination).
  • Custom key binds, F2P feature.
  • Full working GrandExchange with limited and unlimited items.
  • Almost all Runescape pets, including bossing, skilling, combat pets with leveling up system.

And so much more, these are just a teasing characteristics, join us and see what do we offer, you won't regret it!




Time for some media!










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