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[Offering] Community Manager

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Let's start the thread off by introducing myself. My name is Jeff and I am 18 years old. I currently live in Dallas, Texas (U.S) where I am working on my major in Computer Science. I look forward to working at a corporate office or within a game studio on a team of website/software developers. Since I have the free time, I am looking to join a community or business as a community manager or moderator. I am not interested in working with any servers.

I will be in-charge of;

  • Management of the Community - This involves actively browsing a community forum/site, providing updates, and interacting with community members.
  • Behind the Scenes - Talking to other team members about future updates, policy changes, or any advancement in business or partnership.
  • Management of the Staff Team - Promoting active community members to assist with moderation efforts to keep the site clean and properly functioning.
  • Marketing & Social Media - Assist with marketing efforts to bring more traffic to the site including actively using social media accounts to connect to a global audience.


  • 3+ Years with IPS Community Forums
  • 6+ Months WebFlake Support Team
  • 2+ Years of HTML, CSS, and PHP Knowledge.

Depends on the community size;

  • $50/week - 30+ Active Members
  • $100/week - 100+ Active Members
  • $200/week - More than 10,000 Registered Members

The community size changes the price you are expected to pay and the number of hours I will be working. If the community is small, I will be expected to be on 2-4 hours a day for 3 days a week. If the community has a decent size, I will be expected to be on 3-6 hours a days for 5 days a week. If the community has a big size, I will be expected to be on 8+ hours a day for 7 days a week.

When purchasing, I only work for you. This means that once I have been hired, I will stay with your community until I am no longer needed. In the time that I am hired, I can not be hired again. I am dedicated to one community at a time. If you are interested in contacting me regarding this offer, add me on discord: (Testmyluck#0701).

Any questions can be private messaged to me on the forums.

Kind regards,
- Jeff

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Bump. Still looking.

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