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NoEscape RSC Private Server

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Custom mage/range projectiles

In game combat stat manager
Event system
Lottery system
World drop system
Customised kill notification
Killspree system (currently up to 10 consecutive kills) 
P2P/F2P wilderness toggle command (removes necessary items) 
Wilderness state changes based on the day of the week 
20x rates with + 1.0x wilderness, + 0.5x skulled
Iban blast is the only staff powered spell for P2P with the skull projectile when you cast
NPC's for buying ranged and armour supplies
Custom character creation screen, gives perks for new accounts
Working sounds
Overhead bubbles for potions
Zoom in/out
Fog of war removed
Global chat
F2 toggles sidebar
F11 takes screenshots
F12 records movies
Portals located around the wilderness for fast travelling to hotspots

lgninm.png    typeselect.png


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