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Anybody here play Warframe? If not, I can show you de way of being a space ninja.

Here's some trailers:



Now, if you enjoy games like Vindictus, I gather you'd definitely enjoy this one. However, there aren't as many skills in the combat system like there is in Vindictus - each Warframe has only 4 skills. Although, there are 53 Warframes that you can collect, making up for a large diversity. Each and every one is collectable on a single account, it's not like classes you have to stick to and play with throughout one character. These Warframes can be changed at any time, given you are not in the middle of a mission.

And unlike Vindictus, you don't have to grind the same map over & over until you finally reach a "certain level to proceed". You have so many different planets/maps each equipped with a large number of missions available for you to do. This game is more-so like an "objective progression system" rather than linear level progression. As in:

I need nano spores in order to craft this certain item I need for a quest I chose to take. In order to get nano spores, I need to be able to reach Saturn because that's where they start spawning. In order to reach Saturn, I need to defeat it's junction. In order to reach it's junction, I must first complete these 3 objectives and then I can take on the Saturn Junction.

Everything in the game is based off your decision. After you make it through the first quest when you select your starter Warframe, you're never forced to do anything ever again. You can simply go around randomly selecting missions scavenging for materials, or you can select quests to do for unlockables and so on. The Star Chart is the map of which you use to navigate your way through the system deciding what missions to partake in. Here's what it looks like:


Each of those planets or maps are equipped with 10-20 missions to do in each of them. You can redo these missions at any time. It really helps with the feeling of "repetition" in the game. However, you have to unlock each of the planets - besides the starting planet Earth.

This game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I play it on PC.


If anyone has yet to start this game and wants to quickly max-out a Warframe, I can boost you through what the community likes to call "survifarming" :) It's where you do an endless mission and last as long as you possibly can. It's an amazing way to get experience for your weapons, your Warframe, and an excellent way of farming materials.

Let me know if you're interested!

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1 hour ago, Arix said:

Can confirm. This game is pretty fun. Repetitive but fun. Many pretty shiny things and lots of blinky stuff.

I've played this on PS4.

Yeah every now and again you just gotta take a break from the missions and hit some of that sweet, sweet pvp. Their UI is also great.

Someone play with me

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