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Looking for coder/programmer


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Hello all,

I used to run a 317/Pi runescape private server with quite a bit of traffic that passed through it. I am venturing out to hire or recruit a solid programmer/coder that is familiar with both client and server sides. It helps if your familiar with the game runescape too. 

I will be funding this project fully, with its own VPS, website, and any type of payments necessary to get the server up and running, with a list of corrections that need to be done before I release the server. 

At the moment I just need to sub out the work, if anyone is interested in a full time position, we can talk via PM or Skype about any future plans. There is no immediate timeline to get said work done. But obviously the sooner the better. Please pm me if interested or have any questions.

Other tidbits of info, I already have staffed the admin positions, and 1 moderator position. I have also began the website myself, I do graphics and web design, and also have a degree in project management. So again, this is not a dream this is a work in progress. 

Thank you for your time,


Contact me via Skype @ stenen.clark73

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