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Tyro 25

Mouse Cursor Problems

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Hello everyone,

I don't exactly know where to post this. But here we go.

Lately I have a problem with my mouse options when playing an RSPS. I'll try to explain the problem; 

A few weeks ago I tried to make my own RSPS. I downloaded some things and maybe somehow some settings were changed.

Also lately I see a lot of RSP servers with optional mouse options. Maybe the problem lies there.

What ever server I play. I can't right click anything. (Right click bank, withdrawel x items) etc. (Attack npc with left click), (Right click "examine" object") all doesn't work. 

When I do (Right click "examine object" or try to right click on a player) my character moves over there. In stead of having the option examine, trade or follow. 

When I try to change the mouse options it doesn't respond to my either left click or right click. 

Mouse works fine with regular progrems on my laptop. Anything works fine, except the RSP servers.

Last server I've played today I cound't even left or right click on an npc.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

I appreciate your time for reading my post, Thank you.

Best regards,

Tyro 25

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What java version are you using/which java versions do you have installed? Maybe it's a bug with a certain version.

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