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Afrinity is a 742 server that moved it's focus into RS3 content recently, it is still
brand new, it has an active development team, who works hard to release constant weekly updates and
content to our lovely community. It is still in it's early production stage.


[*] Website
[*] Download
[*] Community
[*] Hiscores
[*] Store
[*] Vote
[*] Discord



[*] Near Perfect Combat
[*] Godwars (soon to have Godwars 2)
[*] Complete Clan Wars
[*] Complete Soul Wars
[*] Complete Clan Wars
[*] Complete Fight Kiln
[*] Complete Fight Caves
[*] Complete Barrows
[*] Complete Nomad
[*] Complete Duel Arena
[*] Skilling Outfits
[*] Complete Pest Control
[*] Complete Soul Wars
[*] King Black Dragon
[*] Queen Black Dragon
[*] Kalphite Queen
[*] Corporeal Beast
[*] Nex
[*] Bork
[*] Pets
[*] Full Construction
[*] Warriors Guild
[*] PK Points and Shop
[*] Coinshare
[*] Dwarf Cannons (Normal, Gold, Royal)
[*] Gambling Items (Dice, Flowers, etc..)
[*] And much more


To be done.


[*]~ Matrix Team
[*]~ Jawid
[*]~ Walied


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