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lord of pk999

Website And RspsService - Highscores - Auto Vote - Auto Donate - Any forums

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Searching for a reliable and cheap Developer ?Why are you still thinking ?

Just scroll down and see how many people were happy of the service provided.




What can I do?
Website Services
- installation Any Invision Power board 
- Ipb Basic security
Usergroup, title etc, crown
- Member reputation system
Skin editing
- Logo creation
- Skin installation (50+ in stock)
- Basic Homepage
Spam Prevention
Driver error fixing
- Application installation
- Website set up
- pentest
-Vote + Any Base
-Donate + Any Base
-Highscore + Any Base 



What Can i Do?

Server Services.
1)Setting up your Rsps 
2)Auto Cache Downloder
3)add Commands or Removed Commands
4)Jaring your client
5)Fixing All Bugs
6)Auto Client Updater
7)Adding Any Items.
8)adding any ranks.
i Can do more things just ask me



- No refund available after ordering my services.
- I'm not responsible if you're getting Hacked or anything, except if it has something to do with something I've done.
- If the Payement is canceled, or you did not pay, you can say adios to your website.

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Scammer Dont Trust Him

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On 11/7/2017 at 9:15 AM, Ali_iq_ said:

Scammer Dont Trust Him

How do you know? 

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