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II Blake II

compiling error


When I try to compile my server I get an error message saying...

"note: some input files use unsafe or unchecked operations

note: recompile with -Xlint : unchecked for details."


I don't know why its doing this or how to fix it. if someone would be able to tell me how to fix this and why I would be really grateful for the help

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thats not an error its compiled :p

if there was an error it would tell you there was an error and tell you where the error was :D


Example1: https://gyazo.com/88d05439b5a61cbaf312b13ec63ecc53

has 1 error i just made it and next screen shot is it all work :D

Example2: https://gyazo.com/ad9f90af13da15d8087707cfdee8c1a3

fully compiled :D and works


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