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Medieval Realm - 317

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Visit our Website @ :: http://medievalrealm.net/
Visit our Forums @ :: http://medievalrealm.net/forums/
Play Now @ http://medievalrealm.net/downloads/index.html

- 23+ Fully Trainable Skills
- Duo & Solo Slayer System
- P.v.P Target System / E.P. Earnings / Killstream System
- Dwarf Multi-Cannon
- Loyalty Titles
- Wildy Content (Revenant Dungeon, Wildy Bosses, FunPK w/ Single & MultiZones)
- New Economy (We focus on Drop Ratio's, Chances, and Rewards.)
- Curses & Quick Prayers
- Speed Trivia (Random Server Event)
- Unique Interfaces / Tasks / Quests / and More!
- Fairly Decent PVP (Adjustable based off experienced PVP players only, we do our best to reach for flawless pvp.)
- Great Bridding, Welfare, Pure, Range, Mage PVP Features.
- Many Unique Mini-Games (Blast Furnace, Duel Arena, Pest Control and More!)
- Custom Dungeoneering (COMING VERY SOON)
- Duo Dungeoneering w/ Invites Requests.









Visit our Website @ :: http://medievalrealm.net/
Visit our Forums @ :: http://medievalrealm.net/forums/
Play Now @ http://medievalrealm.net/downloads/index.html

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These are some of our most recent updates that are now available to public. We have just updated our client download so feel free to check it out and leave some real feedback!

- Drag Item (Inventory) no longer freezes your client.
- Experience counter has been added with a (TEMP) drop down flag.
- Buy X no longer loops each purchase, now instant.
- You can no longer wield the Slayer Gem + Offers Quick teleport to your current task!
- Custom OS Title Interface.
- Boss pets are being added slowly in batches. (Bandos, Arma, Sara)
- Stats have been adjusted on the Comp. Cape + Emote + Effect
- Custom OS Teleport Interface (Unqiue From Simplicity Old Style But Remade!)
- Highscore's have been improved.
- Updated The ::yell command from !your_message back to ::yell again.
- Npc Rotation / Object Rotation - This will give the server a better look and feel to play on!
- Ctrl + F Keys have been added for Zoom, Drop Items.
- Ctrl + V, this will paste your auth code for an example in-game so you type ::auth in-game and paste the code you copy.


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New client now available, head to the main website page and click Play Now to access our desktop client.

Reminder; I really could use some constructive criticism to let me know how you as a player feel when playing Medieval Realm! Thanks for reading MR Developer. 

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owners are great, drop rates are good. nice community


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Double Exp Weekend has been enabled 11/24/17 - 11/27-17 @ 11:59:59 PM Central Standard Time Zone.

   Please give a warm congratulations to our most recent staff addition "Hentai Daddy" as Moderator.


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