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Av8s RS3 Progress to Max

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Hi and thanks for joining me upon my progress to Max on RS3. If you'd like to contact me in-game just PM me your username and I'll shoot you a pm when I see you're on :)




Above is some information about my account at thread creation date. 

Please note: Cash-stack is dead from double-experience weekend. I generally have a steady income but have only been active to do the occasional daily.


Quest Cape
120 invention
Trimmed Completionist (Long-Term)
Master Quest Cape (Long-Long Term)

How i'll level my skills

Ranged - Slayer/Bossing for cash
Runecrafting - Runespan/Runecrafting extended dailies
Construction - Extended dailies
Dungeoneering - Extended dailies
Agility - agility during voice of seren/posts of seren
Herblore - makes pots for overloads/make overloads
Thieving - Crystal mask/light form/pyramid plunder/elfs
Crafting -  harps/urns
Fletching - extended dailies
Slayer - do slayer/reaper tasks
Hunter - Crystalise/Lightform
Divination - Cache/Energy for 120 invent
Mining - Crystalise/Lightform Granite until 89 - Seren Stones until 99+
Smithing - Artisian Workshop until 89 - Corrupted Ore until 99
Fishing - Fishvention
Cooking - Cooking dailies/cook stuff from kingdom
Woodcutting - Acadia Tree w/ Crystalise/Lightform

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Awesome looking foward to updates! A lot better of than I am lol. 

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