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[OSRS RELEASE] Nakama Ping Stalker

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OSRS Nakama Ping Stalker Download (direct download): http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=68620188582021798481&t=6862018858202179848174094 


Use of this software

This software is designed to check a ping easily from a actual OSRS server. It will give you real time ping.


How to start/use

1. Extract Nakama OSRS Ping.rar

2. Go to the folder and find "1. Run OSRS Ping Checker" and run it.

3. The ping checker should open up now and you can start finding real-time ping of the desired world you want to know.



-When checking a world you should type the real world number instead of 301, 302 these world numbers would represent 1,2.

-You cannot use letters when checking the world number, you would get an error message in the console.




Virus Scan:


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