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OSRS Fire Cape Service

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OSRS Fire Cape Service by DJ`

Hey everyone! It's been years since I've done anything RSPS related, but the grind on OS never stops. I've seen way to many people complaining about how hard getting the fire cape is so i thought i would open up a fire cape service! I will work on getting older vouches i have posted on this thread so i can slowly gain trust again, but until then i may offer free fire cape service to select few!


For all main accounts: Minimum 43 prayer, 70 range, 70 defence

For all pure accounts: 43 prayer, 75 range, (40/45 defence if not 75 range)


For all main accounts:  Total service will be 10M total. I require half up front (5M OSRS GP) and the other half after completion. We can use a verified MM if you wish, but all fees will be paid by the customer.

For all Pure/Zerker accounts: Total Service will be 15M. Same requirements for payment as main accounts. I am willing to negotiate price on pures/zerker pending stats



I am willing to supply any account with the best gear/armour they can wear while i am doing the service. This includes: Toxic Blowpipe, Karil's bow, Armadyl xbow, and any high tier range armour.  *ALL AMMUNITION MUST BE SUPPLIED BY THE CUSTOMER*





You can contact me through private message on here for now, i will add skype and messenger within the next day. Half of payment is due before i start the service, and the other half after service is complete. We can use a verified MM but you will pay any fees. Service will take under 2 hours ( this is my cap, usually takes much less time). 


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