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UI/UX Designer - Work Experience

Mister Slyther

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Hi community members,

I'm currently seeking to work on a project with a person or a group of people. I am NOT seeking payment. I don't want it RSPS related either, maybe some of you here are running projects outside RSPS and so I thought I could have a go here. 

I'm really desiring to work on a UI/UX based project such as designing a phone app or a website at industry standards. I've been reading recently quite often on UI/UX and now I want to apply some of the things I learned for education & practice purposes. From making wireframes & mockups to completed products. Sketches, researching, & ideas. I'm 20 years old, completed my foundation year in graphics and now i'm going into year 1. 

Why outside RSPS? because in a few years time I'll have to quit designing for RSPSs and focus in the designing industry. My summer, currently, I have quite allot of time to spare and so I want to be productive.

I have experience with:

- Adobe Indesign (Intermediate)
- Adobe Experience Design
- Adobe Photoshop (Mostly)
- Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate)

My dream is to become a professional UI/UX Designer who understands all the fundamentals and can produce brilliant designs for Apps & Websites. I believe I have allot of potential, but I need to practice and learn via making the most out of all the opportunities I get.

Feel free to post & reply if you are interested.


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