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12 hours ago, Chronicscape said:

You are making me want to get back into this stuff lmfao >.< lookin good so far

Thanks man! Hope to see you on someday! 


In case anyone didn't see the link above. Here is our discord link here: https://discord.gg/FMFDBfy


Updates 7/21

Added Max Guild skill banners + exiting and entering 100%. 

Added Max Guild and Prifddinas bonefires.

More to portable skilling! Portable brazier! *.50 exp for using!






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Updates as of 8/6

Tutorial dialogue is finished. Need to add cut scenes.
Completed completionist cape and trimmed completionist cape requirements.
Made a custom completionist cape handler to handle to capes.
Added more NPC's to home with shops. Thinking about changing homes since Waiko is high level content.
Added Rise of the Six boss/minigame and it is fully working.
Website is now up and running and can be found at http://www.playserenity.com/
Highscores are now up and running. Divination and Invention are not yet added to highscores. Not very web savy so I will need to have someone do that for me.
Store is now up and working as should.
Voting will be coming soon - no point right now as not released to public.
Forums are up and running - still under construction along with the website.
I have started working on Vorago with rotations. So far it's about 50% complete.. going slowly on this to make it good.
Shooting stars are now added.
Skilling pets are now added.
Shards for expert skill capes are now obtainable from skilling/combat.
Shards are now usable to make the expert capes.
Added a wealth evaluator to the game. It checks inventory, bank and equipment wealth.
Player cards have been added with highscores.
Got a client launcher in the works.
Most of the things at priff are now working as intended. Waterfall fishing is still on my backlog.
Lots of code from original matrix has been re-written and organized.

More to come, stay tuned.

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