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Asteral Online MMO ARPG [Looking for story writers, GFX artist, Programmers]

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Asteral Online - 3D Real Time MMO ARPG





Main information

This project has been so far developed by one person. Asteral has been started 1.3.2017 developed by one 21-years old man from Finland. Asteral was never designed to generate as much money as possible, this game so far has been done by pure passion and we hope to keep it that way.


This project supports already some great stuff and has plenty of potential for the future. This game is using a combo system (real time combat)

For example if I were to execute a Melee combo on Lethine (character) I would use the following keys:

+Mouse left (Regular attack)

+Mouse left(Regular attack)

+Mouse left(Regular attack)

+Mouse right(Strong smash attack)

The combo system is quite new user friendly and it offers loads of potential. The animations will be smooth and matching the combo. This particular combo would trigger a unique smash attack. For example if I were to use the combo with 2 left mouse regular attack the last smash attack would be different. This combat system offers also a very skill oriented gameplay from the player's perspective. I decided that this would be the best choice for Asteral Online.

The game has also a 'action bar' and a character-specific skill system, skills are triggered by the given key. 


Some future concept so far...

- This game will be open world multiplayer.

- This game will have real-time combat.

- This game will have a proper raid system with instanced map, by this way we can manipulate the parties more efficiently and create easily unique mechanics for each boss.

- This game has multiple planets, however Earth will be the home planet.

- This game will have plenty of skills to train. 

- Some sort of avatar items to override regular armours if the player wants so. (cash shop item?)

- Storyline is entertaining and satisfying to finish.

- ... more? 


How would you be able to join?

---You will not be paid for your work, this game is done for pure passion, however in the future if we become successfull of course you will be having your personal cut for being an early stage developer of Asteral. =]---


- Storyline Developer [Most wanted]

You would have great ideas, ideas that would push this game to the next level and further. Storyline developer would be thinking that what kind of a world this would be, what is the other planets for, whats the unique story behind the 

characters and where their personality is coming from.


-Storyline writer & dialogue writer [Most wanted]

You don't need any programming knowledge, currently we are looking for people who are good with coming up with random stories to a fantasy world. If you're good with ideas and interested of this game please hit me up!

However a little programming knowledge is a plus but not that big of a plus that it would kill your chances to join in this project. If your main language is English you have extremely high chances to join in this project.


- UI / Graphics artist [Most wanted]

Good with photoshop? I am looking for people that is capable of creating unique content. For an example a inventory interface with Photoshop. 


- Programmer

High knowledge of CSharp, Unity 5 engine, Java C#, Java SE , Jscript, you know the use of UML diagrams. Knowledge using libraries, loading data from .xml files, JSON and so on. Being social is a plus but that's not very required for us nerds! Good English knowledge is a minor plus.

You have worked on previous projects and can show some of your code/work/games (?)

You have knowledge how to work with a development team.



This thread have probably a lot of typos also my main language isn't English but I hope that you can understand at least some of my gibberish talk! =)





Videos (Also more on the channel)















You can contact me almost instantly by adding me up on Skype: fizinsith 

The display name shows as King Nakama- with a avatar pic from anime.



Feel free to move this thread, there is no area to post this kind of stuff so I posted it here. I were kinda doing this topic for other sites but why not also RuneLocus where I spent my most time back then. :)

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