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Raw Envy

Joining or Creating an OSRS Server

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking to join an existing project/individual in creating a solid OSRS server or to create one. 

Past servers I've worked on:

Project-Exile - Peaked around 150 players (My first server)
Notorious - Peaked around 300+ players
Visionary - Peaked around 250 players
Alora - Peaked around 600 players (I was the advertisement manager)

What I can provide:

  • Marketing/advertisement to guarantee a solid player count
  • Ensure the server and website is of high quality
  • Risk management to go over any potential issues the server may encounter 
  • Invest a bit of money into advertisements
  • More... This can be discussed on Skype

Add me on Skype if you have any offers or want to discuss anything, my Skype is: tomb1443


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vouch for Raw Envy,


also you might want to check out Kratos, if OSHD is okay

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Good luck man!

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Thanks for the vouches :) PM me with any offers you have or add me on Skype.

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Do you happen to have discord? if so please add me.

" Dennis (Project Decimate Owner)#2436 "

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