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RSPS Downloads Rules & Keeping Safe


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  1. This board is strictly for server/client sources you wish to allow others to use.
  2. Report any rule breaking threads or threads you suspect to be viruses.
  3. Sources released without proper credits will be closed.
  4. This section isn't for RSPS advertising.


Remember while downloading sources and clients and such in this section, make sure you virus scan ANYTHING before you run them! Over the past while there have been people who use these download sections to hide trojans and viruses to infect your computers! Here is a quick list of what you should be checking;

  • Executable Files (.exe)
  • Batch Files (.bat)
  • JAR Files (.jar)
  • Source code itself

Make sure you are aware of what your downloading! Executable files are usually the most common ways for people to spread viruses. Before I forget I cant stress this enough, don't scan java/class files as those aren't where viruses are! People seem to think java files are where viruses derive from, that is NOT true!

However, I feel I may include the punishments for people who decide to do such a thing. You will be PERMANENTLY banned if caught doing so!

If you are a victim of such a crime, please report it to a Moderator or post a thread about it ASAP so we can get to the bottom of it and before anyone else falls to the crime.


If you are without a virus scanner, do a Google search or there are some already alternatives;




Stay safe and thanks for visiting RuneLocus.

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