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Charm drop rate dump

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Credit: Kris

Noticed someone post a snippet for semi-decent charms dropping system, however it was completely random and irrelevant to the actual RS data. So I figured I'd go ahead and dump all the data there is to dump from RSWikia.
*Went through all NPCs existing in the 876 revision.
*All information is per name, not by NPC ID (Obvious but I'll still mention it).
*Ignores all nulls and all possible errors and whatever else, only dumped the data that existed. Total of precisely 250 NPC names listed (Had a few more but had to remove since RSWikia didn't contain any info on them, such as Elite Rune Dragons page).
*Total of 1527 unique combat NPCs exist in 876 cache. (Under unique I mean unique name - no duplicates included)
*Format: NPC Name - droppedAmount goldChance greenChance crimsonChance blueChance

So, here you go I suppose.

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