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RS3 NPC Dumper


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Credit: @Cjay0091

Instructions to run:

1) Download & Start the runescape NXT client.
2) Check and make sure that render distance is set to ULTRA in the game settings tab OR the settings prior to login.
3) Run the NPC Dumper's run-build.bat
4) Switch to World 5. <--- Staying on the same world insures no conflicting spawns.
5) Follow the hint arrows completely, they are setup in a way to ensure you don't miss a single NPC.
6) Track your live progress at http://rsdumps.eu5.org/status.php?z=1&session=-1
 Happy dumping!

For those who are using our matrix based releases - this is a great way of giving a little thanks for our countless hours spent on it and dumping a bit of data for us.


Link: https://mega.nz/#!5R4UjSgR!lInw5Ty67ZvqriBjMrkOH_1SEGvU7sqKx0PLkA1dUB0

Format of npc dumps:

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